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PSHE Quiz Illustration | Emotions in relationships
Heartbreak is a very intense emotion.

Emotions in Relationships - Age 14-16

Relationships are a part of adult life so they are one of the topics discussed in KS4 PSHE. In this quiz, written specifically for students in years 10 and 11, we look at some of the emotions we may feel at different stages of our relationships and, just as important, some strategies to help manage them.

Having a romantic partner is an emotional rollercoaster. From the initial attraction, through the whole of the relationship, and its end, we are driven by waves of chemicals in our brains which affect our feelings both positively and negatively.

These emotions can be overwhelming so it is a good idea to learn to recognise them, but also how to handle them. This quiz looks at several stages of a relationship, the emotions we might feel, and ways to manage them effectively.

When you arrange your first date with a potential partner it can be a nerve-wracking time. Which of these thoughts will best help to keep you calm?
Imagining the date going horribly wrong
Imagining your date being nude
Imagining the date going brilliantly
Imagining your date being an alien
It’s all too easy to imagine the date being a disaster. You’ll not be able to think of anything to say or you’ll spill your drink over your date. Instead try to focus on the positives. After all, we go on dates because we want to enjoy them. Imagine everything going swimmingly and that should help to calm your nerves
When we fall in love our hormones go ballistic and cause intense emotions. Which of these is a normal emotion in the initial feeling of love?
All of the above
We think of being in love as a joyous experience – and it is, but there can be negative emotions to accompany the positive ones. If you feel anxious, stressed or obsessed then be aware that all of these are perfectly normal
When our friends are in love with one person we may feel neglected and jealous. How should we deal with this?
Become angry at our friend
Talk to our friend
Fall out with our friend
Snoop on their social media account
It is inevitable that friends in love will wish to spend more time with their partner. Don’t let this drag you down. If you are concerned that you no longer spend time with your friend then politely and calmly talk to them about it. It is quite normal to feel slightly jealous – just don’t let it become overwhelming
You have been in a relationship and in love for a while now. When is the best time to move in together?
There is no set time
After 3 months
After 6 months
After a year
We are all different and the amount of time we should be with someone before moving in varies. Rather than a set amount of time it’s more about conditions. You should be dating nobody else, and have discussed finances and how to pay the bills. But most importantly, you should both WANT to live together.
These conditions might take days, months, years, or never materialise at all
Being in a committed relationship can make us feel insecure. Which of these thoughts / feelings might an insecure person feel?
My partner is too good for me
My partner doesn’t really care about me
I should not become attached to my partner
Any of the above
We all have an inner voice which criticises us. The more insecure we are, the more persistent this voice is. Try not to give this voice too much weight. Believe your partner rather than your self-critical thoughts
Sometimes, being part of a couple can make us lose our sense of individuality. If our partner wants us to change some of the things we do, how should we respond?
By changing immediately
By refusing to change at all
By talking about the issues
By leaving your partner
When we fall in love with somebody we should accept them, warts and all. If they want us to change then they are not right for us.
There may be room for compromise though. Perhaps cutting down on the amount of time spent on a hobby, rather than giving it up completely. Being part of a couple can be a balancing act between keeping yourself and the other person happy
The longer couples have been together, the more likely it is that they will argue. How should we deal with arguments?
Talk about the issues you argue over
Avoid talking about the things that start arguments
Have huge rows occasionally and then make up
End the relationship
It can be tempting to avoid arguments just to get some peace, but this does not address the underlying issue. The best thing to do is to talk calmly, with the help of a counsellor if necessary. Otherwise arguments will potentially drive you apart
Which of the following are signs that you are in an unhappy relationship?
Feeling lonely
Any of the above
Of course, these emotions may have other causes from outside of your relationship. The predominant emotions within our relationships should be happiness or contentment. If it is not then the relationship is in trouble. If you want to save it then communication is vital. Talk to your partner to find the cause, and to see how they feel. It may be time to see a counsellor or to bring the relationship to an end
When we are going through a break up we may feel heartbroken. Heartbreak is most similar to which emotion?
We feel grief when someone we love leaves our lives through death. The end of a relationship can feel very similar. After all, someone we love or loved has left our lives. Allow yourself time to recover from this difficult period
After a relationship has ended it can be a very emotional time. How should you feel?
It depends on many things
Relief that it is over
Anger at your ex
Sad that it is over
Just like the beginning of a relationship. The end of one is fraught with emotions – good ones and bad. As well as those listed, other emotions you might feel are shock, denial, fear, loneliness, peace and calm
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Author:  Graeme Haw

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