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PSHE Quiz Illustration | Families
How can you show your familiy you love them?

Families - Age 5-7

Families are especially important to younger children. They provide love, security, and stability. In this quiz written for children in KS1, aged from 5-7, we look at some of the characteristics of family life and how our families care for us. We also look at how not every family is the same but the one thing they do all have is love.

We come across many people in our lives. Some we care about more than others, but the ones we care for the most are our families. We know that we can always rely on them and that they love us. And they will be with us for all of our lives.

Have a go at this quiz to see how much you know about families.

Which of these people love you the most?
Your friends
Your teachers
Your parents
Your neighbours
Your parents love you more than anybody else
Which of these people will you know for as long as they live?
Your parents
Your classmates
Your friends
Your teachers
As we move on through life we will lose contact with our teachers and classmates. Even friends that we have now will most likely be replaced by new friends as you meet new people later in life. But your parents will stay with you through their whole lives because they love you
Which of these shows you that your parents care for you?
They buy and cook food for you
They provide you with clothes
They take you to the doctor when you are ill
All of the above
While you are a child you need an adult to take care of you. Your parents will make sure that you eat, have a home, a bed, clothes, toys, and everything else you need
If you have a problem who should you go to for help?
Your doctor
Your parents
Your milkman
Your neighbour
Depending on what the problem is, you may need to see a doctor, but first of all you should tell your parents. They want the best for you and will always try to help you solve your problems
Which of these can you rely on to always be there?
Your school
Your football team
Your family
Your friends
Very little in life is permanent. Football teams go out of business, schools close. And friends move on. But your family will be with you for as long as they live
Which of these does every family have?
A father
A mother
None of these necessarily
Most families have a father, a mother and one or more children, but not all. Some families have no children. Others have only one parent. Or there may be two mothers, or two fathers. Families come in many different forms, but the one thing they have in common is love
Which of these groups should you spend the most time with?
Your classmates
Your family
Your afterschool club
Your friends
We spend a few hours a day at school, and might spend some of our spare time with our friends. But all the rest of the time we spend with our families
Which of these is NOT a member of your immediate family?
Your cousin
Your brother
Your mother
Your sister
Our immediate families are our parents and our siblings (brothers and sisters). When you grow up your immediate family will be your partner and your children as well
How can you show your family that you love them?
Tell them that you love them
Draw them a picture
Hug them
Any of the above
There are lots of ways we can show others that we love them. The best ways are just ways of being nice to them
If your parents say you are not allowed to go somewhere on your own, why would they do this?
To keep you safe
To spoil your fun
To keep you bored
To punish you
Your parents always have your best interests at heart. And the main part of this is to ensure that you are kept safe. Some places are dangerous so your parents would not want you to go there on your own
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - My family

Author:  Graeme Haw

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