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PSHE Quiz Illustration | Sexual Consent
Sharing personal pictures of yourself may come back to haunt you.

Sexual Consent Age 11-14

As children progress through school and come closer to adulthood, topics relating to sexual relationships become more prominent in PSHE. In this quiz, written for KS3 children in years 7, 8, and 9, we look at sexual consent and what the law says about this.

The word “consent” means agreeing to something. Sexual consent therefore means agreeing to take part in sexual activity with another. Before engaging in sexual activity gaining consent is a must. Without it you would be breaking the law and could spend time in prison.

As well as agreeing to take part, someone must also be fully aware and in control of their decisions. Having sex with someone who is unconscious, for example, would be illegal. They must also be at least 16 years of age to give consent.

Which of the following words is closest in meaning to “consent”?
“Consent” means agreeing to do something. So, sexual consent means agreeing to have sex with someone.
At what age can someone legally give consent for sex?
12 years old
14 years old
16 years old
18 years old
In the UK the age of consent is 16. This is to protect children from abuse.
If you agree to have sex with somebody but then change your mind, does this count as you giving consent?
If you agree to something but then change your mind then you have withdrawn your consent. You have a legal right to do this and your wishes must be respected.
Why is sexual consent important?
To have sex without consent is assault
To have sex without consent is illegal
To have sex without consent is shows a lack of respect
All of the above
Sex without consent is a form of assault. In its most serious form it is called rape, and that carries a heavy prison sentence.
While in a relationship a couple send explicit pictures to one another. When they break up one of them shares the images on social media. Is this legal?
No. It can lead to prison
Yes. They gave their consent to have the pictures taken
No. They will have their social media shut down
Yes. Whatever pictures you have belong to you
It is a criminal offence to upload sexual images of a person without their consent if it is intended to cause humiliation or embarrassment. It can lead to two years’ imprisonment.
At a party a person passes out naked on a bed. Their friends take photos which they then share on social media. Is this legal?
Yes, the person fell asleep so it’s OK
Yes, as the pictures are only seen by their friends
No, because the person is asleep. If they were awake it would be OK
No. Anybody who photographs another person naked, without their permission, is breaking the law
To do such a thing would be both disrespectful to the person, and illegal to the law.
Is it legal for you to take sexual images of yourself and to share them with your partner?
No, because you are under 18
No, because you have not given consent
Yes, because you are consenting to do so
Yes, it is up to you who you share them with
You can give consent for sexual intercourse at 16. However indecent images of anyone aged under 18 cannot be shared. That is illegal.
Those who have sex without consent may resort to “victim blaming”. Which of the following descriptions of a victim is an example of victim blaming?
She didn’t fight back
He brought it on himself
She should have known better
All of the above
When a sexual assault takes place the blame is often placed on the victim. They may blame the victim for wearing inappropriate clothes, or for going somewhere that put them at risk. This is always wrong. The only person to blame for sexual assault is the perpetrator.
Body language can be a sign of consent or of non-consent. Pick the option which is most likely to be a sign of consent:
Avoiding touch
Direct eye contact
Shaking head
Pushing away
Body language can give clues but is not, in itself, consent. Always make sure your partner is definitely and without doubt consensual before having sex with them.
Two people at a party leave together intending to have sex. However, they are drunk and one of them becomes unconscious when they lie on the bed. Is it acceptable for the other to have sex with them now?
Yes, so long as the person doesn’t wake them up
Yes, as they fully intended to have sex before
No. Unconscious people cannot consent
No. Not until the person wakes up
Regardless of their previous intentions, if somebody is unconscious or in a state of high intoxication then they cannot give consent. To have sex with them could be seen as rape.

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