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PSHE Quiz Illustration | Unwanted Pregnancy
It can be scary, finding out you are pregnant.

Unintended Pregnancy - Age 11-14

Teenagers are discovering sex, whether we are happy with that or not. The potential consequence of sexual relationships is pregnancy. As students start secondary school then they are made aware of this in PSHE lessons. This quiz, written specifically for KS3 aged children in years 7, 8 and 9, looks at the consequences of unintended pregnancy, as well as some of the support and options available to teenagers who become pregnant.

Unprotected sex is a risky business. Not only are you in danger of sexually transmitted diseases, there is also the chance of becoming pregnant. But mistakes happen. What can you do if you do become pregnant? What are your options and what support is available?

This quiz looks at how to avoid unwanted pregnancies and how to cope with them.

If you find out that you are pregnant, who should you tell first?
Your parents
Your friend
Your GP
Any of the above
Discovering that you are pregnant can be frightening. Whatever you do, do not ignore the problem – it will not go away.
Talking it through with a family member or a friend may help, or you can seek advice from your GP, from a sexual health clinic, or from the NHS 111 helpline
If you decide to keep your child which of these might suffer as a result?
Your education
Your career
Your social life
All of the above
Two-thirds of mothers aged 19 or less are not in education. This means they are less likely to get the qualifications they need for a successful career. Also, bringing up a baby is very time-demanding so social lives often suffer
If a girl has unprotected sex and fears she may be pregnant, is it too late to do anything about avoiding pregnancy?
Yes, if she is pregnant then she has to live with the consequences
No, she can take a “morning after” pill
Yes, she can make sure a condom is used next time
No, she can take the contraceptive pill
If you have unprotected sex there is some emergency contraception traditionally called “the morning after pill”. Despite its name, you have between 3-5 days to take this after sex to prevent pregnancy
Which of the following should a pregnant girl avoid?
Soft cheese
Soft cheeses are a risk because they may be contaminated by a dangerous bacterium called listeria
Abortion is one option available to someone who becomes unintentionally pregnant. How soon must the abortion take place after conception?
Within 12 weeks
Within 18 weeks
Within 24 weeks
Within 30 weeks
Abortions can be carried out after 24 weeks only under exceptional circumstances, if the mother’s life is in danger for example.
The earlier the procedure is taken, the safer it is. So seek advice as soon as you suspect you may be pregnant
Are babies born to teenage mothers more or less likely to be premature?
Less likely
More likely
There is no difference
More likely if they are the first child
Babies of teenage mothers are more likely to be born prematurely and 25% more likely to be born underweight. The child and mother are also more at risk of death during birth
If you decide to have your child adopted, can you choose to see them regularly?
No, never again
Yes, every few months
No, not until they are an adult
Yes, every year
Once you give your child up for adoption then you cannot choose to see them again. When they become an adult, they will be told who you are, so they might choose to in get in touch with you, but you cannot choose to get in touch with them
What are the options if you become pregnant?
Keep the baby
Any of the above
There are basically only three options available if you become pregnant. All these will have a huge impact on your life and your emotional wellbeing. Pregnancy is a life-changing event
What is the average cost of looking after a baby in its first year?
Babies have many needs – nappies, new clothes (they grow very quickly!), food, toys, transportation and sleeping equipment… the list goes on
Can a girl become pregnant the very first time she has sex?
Yes, it’s just as likely as any other time she has sex
No, it’s not possible the first time
Yes, but it is less likely than at other times she has sex
Yes, but it is almost impossible the first time
Every time a girl has vaginal sex she is at risk of becoming pregnant. The first time is no exception to this

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