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PSHE quiz illustration | Social communication
Telephones are one method we can use to communicate.

Communication - Age 7-11

As a part of Social Education in PSHE, KS2 aged children look at different methods of communication. In this quiz, written specifically for children in years 3-6, we focus on those methods and help children understand the importance of effective communication.

To get along with others we need to be able to tell them what we are thinking. And we need them to tell us their thoughts too. This is called communication. Every day we communicate with different people in different ways. With some people you may communicate by talking, with others you may do it via gestures such as nodding your head. We also communicate through reading and writing, maybe you text or email your friends in this way or perhaps you use sign language or braille.

When we communicate it is important that we are polite and that we listen to others as well as making sure we are heard.

How do people who are deaf most commonly communicate?
They don't communicate
By braille
By sign language
By talking
Sign language is commonly used by people who are deaf or hard of hearing
What is the most common way to communicate with people?
Showing them pictures
Staring at them
Speaking to them
Writing letters to them
The most common method of communication is speaking and listening
What is body language?
The way we move our bodies when communicating
Words used to describe the body
A language used by people who can't talk
A language used in a different country
Body language is the position of the body when communicating with people. It can show our emotions and attitudes without using words
If you want to communicate with your friends at break time what should you do?
Send them an email
Wait for them to stop talking
Raise your hand
Talk at the same time as them
When you communicate with friends it is polite to wait for them to stop talking before you start
Which form of communication needs the internet?
A phone call
A letter
An email
In order to send someone an email you need to have access to the internet
If you want to communicate with your teacher what should you do?
Tell someone else
Write them a letter
Shout out
Raise your hand
If you raise your hand your teacher will know that you want to talk to them.
How do babies communicate?
By texting
By talking
By crying
By sleeping
We learn to communicate as soon as we are born. Babies cry to communicate their wants and needs
Besides speaking and listening what other method of communication is used by people who are blind?
Body language
Sign language
Braille is a form of written communication using raised dots that blind people can understand using their hands to touch.
If you want to communicate with someone who is in a different country what would you NOT do?
Write them a letter
Email them
Ring them
Talk loudly
You can communicate with people in different countries by email, letters, phone calls and text messages
Why is it important to look at people when they are talking to you?
It shows you are listening to them
You can smile at them
It stops them talking to someone else
You can see if they are pretty
It is polite to look at people when they are talking to you as it shows them that you are listening to them and not distracted by something or someone else

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