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Social Education

group of children who are friends PSHE – Social Education

The “S” in PSHE stands for Social Education. This, as you might expect, teaches children how to get on well with others. Friends, family, colleagues and anybody else they may meet. It also encompasses issues such as bullying.

Friendships are a major theme in this section and children learn about forming and maintaining positive relationships with others. There might sometimes be a fine line between friends and bullies. Children are also taught that relationships should be respectful ones for both parties.

Social influences are also part of this section. There are many influences on children: their families, their friends, the media. Children are taught that some influences can be negative ones and that they should be cautious as to who they believe and who they try to emulate. Most of the quizzes have a link at the bottom to the relevant BBC Bitesize page.

It is vital that children learn about hurtful behaviour and bullying, not only to protect themselves, but so that they are aware of how their own behaviour might affect others. As well as verbal and physical abuse children will also learn about forms of discrimination such as sexual or racial.

Many might say that the most important part of PSHE is the one dealing with communities. We live in a society alongside other people, so it is important that children recognise their place in it. They have rights, but also responsibilities as citizens and these are looked at here.

Finally, for children in secondary schools, sexual relationships are looked at. Issues like contraception, parenthood and the matter of consent are all examined in detail.

Learning how to get on with others is not something studied academically in school. But it is a vital part of a child’s education if we want them to grow up to be a happy and functioning member of society. These quizzes will help your child to learn their place in the world, how they should be treated by others, and how they should fulfil their responsibilities.

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