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Happiness is a pleasant emotion. But some emotions are not nice at all.

Emotions - Age 7-11

Emotions are a constant theme in PSHE. It is imoprtant that children understand when some emotions will be felt by themselves or others. This quiz, written for KS2 aged children, will help them to learn that, as well as teaching them the definitions of some words used to describe emotions.

The feelings we have are called emotions. Emotions describe the way we feel at different times and can change quickly from one moment to the next. Some emotions are nice to feel and some are harder to deal with but all emotions are important and it is okay to talk about our emotions with others.

Happiness, anger, fear, sadness, disgust and surprise are just a few emotions. There are many more. It is important that you can start to identify which emotions you are feeling and why - as well being able to tell what emotions are being felt by those around you so that you can respond in an appropriate way.

If you broke your teacher’s favourite cup, what emotion might YOU feel?
Guilt is an emotion we feel when we have done something wrong, even when it was accidental
What emotion would the teacher feel?
The teacher would probably be sad to find their favourite cup broken
What emotion might you feel just before you tell the teacher what happened?
It is likely that you would be nervous or even anxious about telling the teacher but it is always best to be honest
Which of these is not an emotion?
Feeling breathless is a physical feeling, not an emotional one
When might you experience frustration?
When you can't get something to work the way you intended
When you win a prize
When you learn a new skill quicker than expected
When you are looking forward to something
Frustration is an emotion that is experienced when you are unable to complete something the way you intended
If you don’t do well on a test, which emotion might you experience?
Disappointment is an emotion that you experience when you feel let down by yourself or others
When might someone feel anxious?
When they are concerned about something
When they are looking forward to something
When they are full
When they see someone they love
Feeling anxious is an emotion that occurs when you are worrying about something with an uncertain outcome
When might you experience the emotion grief?
When you don’t get your own way
When you can't have what you want
When you fail a test
When someone dies
Grief is an emotion that you usually feel when a person or pet dies and is like an intense sadness
When might you feel exasperated?
When you are very excited
When you are very nervous
When you are very frustrated
When you are very surprised
You might feel exasperated when you have been very frustrated or annoyed for a long period of time
When might you feel enraged?
When you are very joyful
When you are very angry
When you are very anxious
When you are very happy
Feeling enraged is an emotion you might experience when you are very angry
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Feelings and Emotions

Author:  Terri Brown

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