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PSHE quiz illustration | Listening Skills
Half of having a conversation is listening to the other person.

Listening Skills - Age 5-7

Getting along with others is the crux of Social Education. And one thing that makes getting along with others easier is if we have good converesational skills. In this quiz, written specifically for KS1 age children in years 1 and 2, we look at the art of listening.

Talking is a part of life. It's how we share our thoughts and ideas with other people. We call this having a conversation. But conversations are not just about talking. They are also about listening to what the other person has to say. Sometimes we are so excited about what we want to say that we don’t always listen to others.

Listening is not just about not talking – it’s about keeping your thoughts quiet as you really take in what someone else is saying. When you do this, you can understand what they mean much more than if you are half-listening and also thinking your own thoughts at the same time.

Which of these does NOT make a good listener?
Someone who waits for their turn to talk
Someone who asks questions
Someone who talks when others are talking
Someone who looks at you when you are talking
Someone who talks when others are talking is not being a good listener. To be a good listener you should look at the talker, ask relevant questions and wait for your turn to talk
If you want to talk to someone but they are talking to someone else what should you do?
Wait until they are finished
Walk away and don’t tell them
Interrupt their conversation
Shout louder so they listen to you
If you want to talk to someone and they are talking to someone else you can wait quietly until they have finished and then talk to them. This way you won’t be rude or upset the other person
If we want to ask a question what should we NOT do?
Wait till the end of the story
Shout out
Wait for the other person to stop talking
Put our hand up
It is rude to shout out or interrupt someone when they are talking
If you do not understand what someone is talking about what could you do?
Walk away
Pretend you are listening
Talk about something different
Ask questions
If you do not understand what someone is talking about you can ask them questions. This will show that you were listening to them and that you are interested. It will also give them the chance to explain it to you
If you are talking with a friend what should you do?
Talk at the same time
Stay quiet
Talk the most
Take turns
When you are talking with a friend it is a good idea to take turns when talking - that way you can both share your ideas and you can both listen to each other’s ideas too
If you cannot hear what someone is saying what could you do?
Stop listening
Ask them to speak a little louder
Walk away
Ask them to whisper
If you can’t hear what is being said you can use your manners and ask if they could please speak a little louder. This way they know you are trying to listen but are finding it hard to hear them and they can then speak a little louder
If someone is telling us a story what should we do?
Listen to it
Ignore them
Tell them a story at the same time
Walk away
When someone tells you a story you should listen to what they have to say and save your questions for the end. You might find that the story is very interesting
Where should we look when we are listening to someone talk?
At the floor
At someone else
At the person who is talking
Out of the window
When someone is talking to us it is polite to look at them. This lets them know that we are listening and interested in what they have to say and helps us to concentrate on the conversation
What should you NOT do when someone is talking to you?
Pay attention
Look at them
Sing a song
Be quiet
When someone is talking to you it is important that you listen and pay attention. You will not be able to listen if you are singing a song so try and stay quiet until they have finished talking
What part of our bodies do we use for listening?
We listen with our ears and we speak with our mouths

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