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If somebody helps you it is polite to thank them.

Manners - Age 7-11

Part of the social aspect of PSHE taught to children in KS2 is the importance of manners. This quiz, written for children in years 3-6, will provide them with some examples of when and how to use manners so that they can practise being polite.

Our manners are the way we bahave towards others and they can be good or bad. Having good manners means being polite. This is always a good idea because being polite helps us to get along with people. If you have bad manners people may think that you are rude or even aggressive.

Some manners should be used all the time with all people. Others are more likely to be used in specific situations. One example is with a teacher to indicate a certain level of respect for their authority. Have a go at this quiz and see if you know your manners.

If someone is walking behind you as you go through a doorway, what should you do?
Laugh at them
Hold the door open for them
Run away
Shut the door before they get through
It is nice to hold the door open for people as it makes it easier for them. This is especially nice if they have their hands full and are unable to open the door themselves
If someone does something nice for you what should you say to them?
Thank you
Do that again
It is good manners to say thank you to others when they do something nice for you. People are more likely to help you again if you are nice and thank them
If you want to use something that doesn’t belong to you, what should you do first?
Get your own
Help yourself
Make sure no one is looking
Ask the owner
It is good manners to ask before you use something that belongs to somebody else
If you are finding something hard and someone asks if they can help you what should you say?
Hurry up
Yes please
Go away
It is good manners to say please when you want someone to help you. Once they have finished you should also say thank you
What should you say after a burp?
Thank you
Pardon me
If you do need to do a burp in front of other people, it is good manners to say pardon me or excuse me
When eating with others, which of the following is an example of good manners?
Taking it in turns to eat
Swallowing your food before you talk
Offering to finish their food for them
Asking if they want to swap food
It is considered bad manners to talk with your mouth full of food, so always swallow your food before you start talking
If someone thanks you for doing something nice for them what should you say?
I'm not doing it again
You're welcome
I'm sorry
Now it is your turn
When someone thanks you, it is polite to say you're welcome. This shows that you are happy to help them
If you upset someone what should you say to them?
Oh dear
It wasn't me
Saying sorry shows that you did not mean to upset or hurt another person and that you won’t do it again. Sometimes we can upset people by accident and it's very important that we say sorry
If you need to interrupt someone in an emergency what should you say first?
Excuse me
Stop talking
Listen to me
Hurry up
If you are unable to wait for another person to stop talking because you have to tell them something quickly, like in an emergency, you can get their attention by saying excuse me first. This way they are more likely to listen to you instead of thinking that you are being rude
Why should you use your manners?
People will believe you more
Your parents told you to
It is polite and shows respect
It gets you what you want
It is polite to use your manners and is a sign of respect to others
Author:  Terri Brown

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