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Math - Counting 21 to 39!
Keep practicing these Spanish number quizzes until you feel confident!

Math - Counting 21 to 39!

This Spanish Easy Review math quiz will challenge you on counting numbers from 21 to 39. Have you become familiar with and comfortable with counting from 0 through 20 in Spanish yet? If so, it is now time to continue on with counting. As you will see, there is a continuing pattern with counting. As we learned with the numbers 16 through 19, in Spanish they are said as 'ten and six', 'ten and seven', 'ten and eight' and 'ten and nine'. The same holds true for the twenties and thirties meaning the numbers are said 'twenty and one', 'twenty and two' and 'thirty and one' and 'thirty and two' and so on. Because of this, the numbers include the conjunction for 'and' which, in Spanish, is 'y'. However, the words can be grouped together to form one word.

In the teens, such as eighteen, i.e. 'diez y ocho' could also be written as 'dieciocho'. The 'z' in 'diez' became a 'c' and the 'y' became an 'i'. Moving to the twenties, as you recall, twenty is 'veinte'. To say twenty-one it can then be said as 'veinte y uno' or 'veintiuno'. The last 'e' is dropped from 'veinte' and the 'y' becomes an 'i' connecting twenty with 'uno' (one). However, and this is where it can get tricky, with the numbers in the thirties, using the 'y' remains and the numbers are not blended together to make one word.

To get a better understanding of how the numbers are written and/or spoken (phonetically), the numbers 21 through 39 in Spanish are as follows:

Number English Spanish Pronounced As:
21 twenty-one veinte y uno (or veintiuno) vein-tay-ē-oo-nō (or vein-tē-oo-nō)
22 twenty-two veinte y dos (or veintidós) vein-tay-ē-dōse (or vein-tē-dōse)
23 twenty-three veinte y tres (or veintitrés) vein-tay-ē-trěs (or vein-tē-trěs)
24 twenty-four veinte y cuatro (or veinticuatro) vein-tay-ē-quaw-trō (or vein-tē-quaw-trō)
25 twenty-five veinte y cinco (or veinticinco) vein-tay-ē-sink-ō (or vein-tē-sink-ō)
26 twenty-six veinte y seis (or veintiséis) vein-tay-ē-sěs (or vein-tē-sěs)
27 twenty-seven veinte y siete (or veintisiete) vein-tay-ē-see-et-ā (or vein-tē-see-et-ā)
28 twenty-eight veinte y ocho (or veintiocho) vein-tay-ē-ō-chō (or vein-tē-ō-chō)
29 twenty-nine veinte y nueve (or veintinueve) vein-tay-ē-new-ěv-ā (or vein-tē-new-ěv-ā)
30 thirty treinta train-tăh
31 thirty-one treinta y uno train-tăh-ē-oo-nō
32 thirty-two treinta y dos train-tăh-ē-dōse
33 thirty-three treinta y tres train-tăh-ē-trěs
34 thirty-four treinta y cuatro train-tăh-ē-quaw-trō
35 thirty-five treinta y cinco train-tăh-ē-sink-ō
36 thirty-six treinta y seis train-tăh-ē-sěs
37 thirty-seven treinta y siete train-tăh-ē-see-et-ā
38 thirty-eight treinta y ocho train-tăh-ē-ō-chō
39 thirty-nine treinta y nueve train-tăh-ē-new-ěv-ā

Try to become comfortable saying the numbers 21 through 29 both ways. As you listen to others who speak Spanish, it will be far more easier for you to pick up on these number as they are spoken if you know both pronunciations. Children will tend to use the pronunciation with the 'y' and as they grow up, the second pronunciation is used more readily but both ways are acceptable. Also, please note that for the numbers of 22, 23, and 26, when the words are combined, they contain an accent mark.

Now it’s time to see how much of this you can remember. Look at the following quiz questions and then see just how many you can get correct without reviewing the introduction. Remember you can practice the numbers before moving on to the quiz but once you do move on – challenge yourself to not look back!

Treinta y tres is Spanish for the number ____.
Treinta y tres in Spanish is the number 33.
There are how many days in the month of February except for leap years?
veinte y siete
treinta y uno
veinte y ocho
There are veinte y ocho (28) days in the month of February.
You are considered a legal adult at what age?
You are considered to be a legal adult at the age of veintiuno (21).
A quarter of a century is how many years?
veinte y cinco
veinte y nueve
treinta y dos
A quarter of a century is veinte y cinco (25) years.
In the Bible, Judas was given how many pieces of silver?
veinte y siete
treinta y ocho
In the Bible, Judas was given treinta (30) pieces of silver.
'I am 27 years old.' What is that in Spanish?
treinta y siete
treinta y seis
27 years old in Spanish is veintisiete.
'Do you think 36 is a good age?' What is that in Spanish?
veinte y seis
treinta y tres
treinta y seis
veinte y tres
36 is treinta y seis in Spanish.
'Give me 22 reasons to buy that dress.' What is that in Spanish?
treinta y tres
treinta y dos
22 is veintidós in Spanish.
'Jason got a lousy treinta y cuatro on his test.' What score did Jason get on his test?
Treinta y cuatro is the number 34. Jason got a score of 34 on his test.
'My mother has been veintinueve for several years now.' How old has my mother been for several years?
Veintinueve is the number 29. My mother has been 29 years old for several years.
Author:  Christine G. Broome

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