Math - Counting 60 to 100!
Brush up your Spanish counting skills in this quiz.

Math - Counting 60 to 100!

This Spanish Easy Review math quiz will challenge you on counting numbers from 60 through 100. Can you believe it! With this quiz you are now able to count in Spanish from zero to one hundred! That is a very big accomplishment but before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s make sure we can actually do the counting. If you need a refresher on counting from 0 through 59 you should check out the Spanish Easy Review quizzes Counting 0 to 10, Counting 11 to 20, Counting 21 to 39 and Counting 40 to 59. As you will see in those quizzes, counting in Spanish follows a pattern such as 'ten and eight', 'twenty and four', 'thirty and one' and so on.

In the quiz Counting 40 to 59 you learned that although there were 20 numbers in that quiz, you only had to learn two new numbers, i.e. cuarenta (40) and cincuenta (50). Now in this quiz you have a total of 41 numbers but in reality you only have to learn 5 new numbers. Those new numbers are 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100.

Below is a listing of the numbers 60 to 100, however, only each number in the 60s has been written out. The same pattern will follow for the 70s, 80s and 90s so you should try counting all the way through each set of numbers to hear how they sound and to become familiar with them. The new numbers are as follows:

Number English Spanish Pronounced As:
60 sixty sesenta sěs-ān-tăh
61 sixty-one sesenta y uno sěs-ān-tăh-ē-oo-nō
62 sixty-two sesenta y dos sěs-ān-tăh-ē-dōse
63 sixty-three sesenta y tres sěs-ān-tăh-ē-trěs
64 sixty-four sesenta y cuatro sěs-ān-tăh-ē-quaw-trō
65 sixty-five sesenta y cinco sěs-ān-tăh-ē-sink-ō
66 sixty-six sesenta y seis sěs-ān-tăh-ē-sěs
67 sixty-seven sesenta y siete sěs-ān-tăh-ē-see-et-ā
68 sixty-eight sesenta y ocho sěs-ān-tăh-ē-ō-chō
69 sixty-nine sesenta y nueve sěs-ān-tăh-ē-new-ěv-ā
70 seventy setenta set-ān-tăh
80 eighty ochenta ō-chain-tăh
90 ninety noventa nō-vein-tăh
100 one hundred cien see-en

Remember to say all of the numbers that go with setenta, ochenta and noventa such as 77 would be setenta y siete. When you get to Spanish Medium Review you will learn to count up to the millions but for now, counting to 100 is a good start.

Don’t try to rush learning all these numbers too quickly. Take it slow and easy and really practice saying each number over and over again until saying the numbers feels natural, as natural as saying one, two and three in English. Then when you are ready, answer the next ten quiz questions to see just how well you can count in Spanish!

Our school band has 63 members. What would that be in Spanish?
setenta y tres
cincuenta y tres
sesenta y tres
noventa y tres
The number 63 in Spanish is sesenta y tres.
The number that falls midway between 60 and 90 is ____.
sesenta y ocho
ochenta y cuatro
setenta y cinco
The number that falls midway between 60 and 90 is the number 75 which is setenta y cinco in Spanish.
He got a 99% on his Spanish test. What would that be in Spanish?
noventa y neuve
noventa y nueve
ochenta y nueve
ochenta y neuve
The first and last answers have the misspelling of the number 9. The number 9 in Spanish is nueve. The number 90 in Spanish is noventa. The second answer noventa y nueve is the number 99 and is spelled correctly.
Would you like to live to be 100 years old? What would that be in Spanish?
The number 100 in Spanish is cien.
Which of the numbers below is the largest number?
setenta y seis
sesenta y nueve
ochenta y dos
setenta y ocho
The first answer is 76. The second answer is 69. The third answer is 82 and the last answer is 78.
Will you still feed me when I’m 64? What would that be in Spanish?
cuarenta y cuatro
noventa y cuatro
setenta y cuatro
sesenta y cuatro
The number 64 in Spanish is sesenta y cuatro.
There were 91 seats in each row. How many seats would that be in Spanish?
ochenta y uno
noventa y uno
setenta y uno
sesenta y uno
The number 91 in Spanish is noventa y uno.
It will be 70 degrees today. What would that be in Spanish?
The number 70 in Spanish is setenta.
Which of the numbers below is the smallest number?
ochenta y cinco
setenta y uno
sesenta y seis
sesenta y nueve
The first answer is 85. The second answer is 71. The third answer is 66 and the last answer is 69.
There were 78 cars in the parking lot. What would that be in Spanish?
ochenta y cuatro
setenta y cuatro
sesenta y tres
setenta y ocho
The number 78 in Spanish is setenta y ocho.
Author:  Christine G. Broome

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