What's My Line?
There are many different careers, from doctor to builder, but can you name them in Spanish?

What's My Line?

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will help you review different career choices you can make to answer the question, what’s my line? Have you started to think about what it is that you want to be when you grow up? Some people can answer that question when they are very young. Others decided while in their teens. Yet a good many others do not decide until after they graduate high school or while they are in college.

The really good news is that you do not always have to be just one thing. In fact, you can try out several fields to see what brings you the most enjoyment. One advantage in taking that road is that you can develop your skills in many different areas. That will give you an advantage over others who traveled just one path. Of course, those who follow one path will have a lot of knowledge and experience with that path. Still, you do have choices to make.

You may not have thought about this but do you realize that by learning Spanish you are broadening your areas of career choices? Yup. Being able to speak fluently in more than one language is always good on the resume! It makes you more versatile and valuable to a potential employer. Before giving yourself too much credit, however, you do still need to learn Spanish. So, let’s take this opportunity to look at some careers in the Spanish language.

As you can see, each quiz picture involves a line of work or a career. That career is listed in all capitalized letters in the sentence accompanying the picture. How quickly can you locate its Spanish translation? Speed and accuracy are always items that employers look for so good luck!

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Mrs. Riverton is an amazing TEACHER!
Look at the picture. What is the gender of the person who is working? It is female. The first and second answers show the masculine form of word so they are not correct. The third answer means fireman who is female. The last answer refers to a female teacher while the second answer refers to a male teacher. You are looking for the female teacher.
You can find the best meats at the BUTCHER shop!
The person working in this picture is a male. The first and third answers are words for a female worker. The last answer means a secretary. That is not correct. The second answer means a butcher who is male.
You should see the DENTIST twice a year.
This one should be a pretty easy one. You can see that the person who is working is a female so the answer should be feminine. Each answer shows the feminine form of the words. Dentista, however, is used for both male dentists and female dentists. If you wish to distinguish whether the dentist is a male or female, then you would use the definite article before it such as, el dentista for a male dentist or la dentista for a female dentist.
A GROCER thanks you with a smile.
Of the four answers provided here, you have only been taught one of them. That should make it a little easier. The first answer means choreographer. The second answer means translator and the last answer means messenger. The third answer, however, means grocer and as the grocer is a female, the female form of the word is used.
Every MECHANIC needs a good wrench.
The person working in this picture is a male. The first and last answers are the feminine forms of the words. The third answer means engineer while the second answer means a mechanic who is a male.
NURSES are there to help you recover.
To find the correct answer to this picture you need to know how to spell the Spanish word for nurses. That is enfermeras. There are no accent marks.
Do think POLICEMEN have a dangerous job?
Here, again, in order to find the correct answer you need to know how to spell policemen in Spanish. That would be policías. There is an accent mark over the second 'i'. Also note that the same spelling is used for both male and female police officers. In order to distinguish whether it is policemen or policewomen, you would need to use the definite article, i.e., los polícias or las polícias.
The White House in Washington, D.C. is where the PRESIDENT of the United States lives.
The President of the United States, to date at least, has always been a male. The second answer is for a female President but is generally used to describe the President’s wife. It is not the answer that you are looking for here. The first and last answers are both misspellings of the Spanish translation. There is no accent mark in the word nor does the word end with the letter 'o'.
This SALESWOMAN is trying to sell make-up.
The Spanish word for a female saleswoman is vendedora.
A SCIENTIST studies molecules.
Once again you need to know how to spell the word for scientist in Spanish. The proper spelling in Spanish is científico. There is an accent mark over the second 'i' and the word begins with a 'c' and not an 's'.
Author:  Christine G. Broome

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