Author - Clive Cussler
In his underwater explorations Cussler has discovered more than 60 shipwrecks!

Author - Clive Cussler

Clive Cussler was born in Aurora, Illinois in 1931. He joined the United States Air Force in 1950 and fought in the Korean War. After he left the air force, Cussler worked in the advertising industry. There he produced radio and television commercials, many of which won him awards.

Cussler’s first novel, The Mediterranean Caper, was published in 1973 and he went on to write more than 80 ‘techno-thrillers’. He founded NUMA, the National Underwater and Marine Agency, which has discovered scores of shipwreck sites and is named after a fictional government organisation featured in his novels chronicling the adventures of Dirk Pitt. He also wrote several works of non-fiction about NUMA's discoveries before his death in 2020 at the age of 88.

If you are looking for adventure then Clive Cussler is your man but how much do you know about his work? Find out in this quiz!

Which famous explorer appears in Cussler's novel Inca Gold?
Hernan Cortez
Francis Drake
Francisco Pizarro
Walter Raleigh
Pitt finds Drake's treasure over 400 years after he loses it
Which Pitt novel was adapted into a 2005 film starring Matthew McConaughey in the lead role?
The film was a failure and made losses of $78.3 million
In which novel does Pitt discover a chilling message from the commander of the nuclear submarine USS Starbuck?
Pacific Vengeance!
Pacific Violence!
Pacific Vortex!
Pacific Voyage!
Cussler says in the book's foreword that he thinks it is not as good as his usual work and should be treated as a curiosity
In the Pitt novels, who is the Director of NUMA?
Admiral James Sandancer
Admiral James Sandecker
Admiral James Sandiron
Admiral James Sandpiper
In Cussler's books Sandecker is appointed as the Vice President of the United States after the Vice President dies while in office
What is the name of Cussler's adventurous hero, said to be a cross between Indiana Jones and James Bond, and who has appeared in many of his novels?
Deke Pitt
Dick Pitt
Dirk Pitt
Duke Pitt
Pitt, like his creator, is an avid collector of cars
Cussler served in which branch of the US armed forces?
Air Force
His love of the sea might make you think he served in the navy but it was in fact the air force
Pitt's daughter works as a researcher for NUMA. What is her first name?
Summer has a twin brother, Dirk Pitt, Jr
Although he grew up in California, Cussler was born in which US state?
He was born in Aurora, which claims to be Illinois' second-largest city
Cussler founded which non-profit agency, based on the fictional agency that employs Pitt?
International Marine
International Underwater and Marine
National Marine
National Underwater and Marine
NUMA receives its funding from Cussler's book royalties
Cussler was a fellow of which learned society, based in London?
Royal Aeronautical Society
Royal Archaeological Institute
Royal Astronomical Society
Royal Geographical Society
Royal Geographical Society was the leading centre for geographers and it has over 16,000 members


Author:  Tony Rennick

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