Genre - Childrens Literature 1
The Polar Express is set at Christmas time.

Genre - Childrens Literature 1

Since its inception children’s literature has served two purposes – to entertain and to educate. In 1484 William Caxton, the first printer in Britain, published Aesop's Fables, a selection of stories each with a moral lesson. Around the same time 'hornbooks' were popular. These were single sheets of paper which taught children the alphabet and a prayer, typically the Lord's Prayer. Books of the following two centuries, such as John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, were meant to edify the children of Puritan parents. Children's literature has come a long way in the last 500 years!

How much did you read during your childhood, and how much of what you read can you recall? For instance, can you remember the name of the station porter in The Railway Children or the surname of Roald Dahl's Matilda? Have a go at this, the first of four quizzes on the vast topic of children’s literature.

In Edith Nesbit's The Railway Children, what is the name of the station porter with whom the children become friendly?
The book was written in 1906 and tells the story of a man falsely imprisoned as a spy whose innocence is proven by his children with the help of a mysterious 'Old Gentleman'
In Roald Dahl's 1988 novel Matilda, what is Matilda's surname?
In 1996 the book was made into a film directed by, produced by and starring Danny DeVito
Who wrote the 1956 novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians?
Bodie Smith
Dodie Smith
Rhodie Smith
Zadie Smith
Also known as The Great Dog Robbery, the book tells the story of the theft of 101 Dalmatian dogs by the villainess Cruella de Vil who intends to have them skinned for their fur
What is the name of the superhero in the series of books by American writer Dav Pilkey?
Captain Barf
Captain Poop
Captain Underpants
Captain Wedgie
Captain Underpants is the alter ego of the fat and cruel Principal Krupp
Chris Van Allsburg's 1985 illustrated book The Polar Express is set at what time of year?
The Polar Express of the title is a train which takes a young boy to the North Pole to see Father Christmas
What is the title of Clive King's 1963 novel about a caveman?
Stig of the Dump
Stig of the Jump
Stig of the Lump
Stig of the Pump
He lives in an old quarry used as a rubbish dump
What nationality was the children's author Hans Christian Andersen?
He was born in Odense in 1805
In the books by Elizabeth Beresford, where do The Wombles live?
Clapham Common
Tooting Common
Wandsworth Common
Wimbledon Common
Several Wimbledon sports teams have been nicknamed The Wombles
Who or what is the title character in the Worzel Gummidge books by Barbara Euphan Todd?
A dragon
An engine
A goblin
A scarecrow
He lives in the Ten Acre Field on Scatterbrook Farm
Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe is based on the experiences of which real-life castaway?
Alexander Coldstream
Alexander Melrose
Alexander Peebles
Alexander Selkirk
Selkirk was a Scottish sailor who was marooned for four years on an uninhabited island in the South Pacific. During his time as a castaway (Sept. 1704-Feb. 1709) he became adept at hunting and making the most of what little he could find on the island


Author:  Tony Rennick

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