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2019 General Election Illustration | Ballot Box
The 2019 General Election was dubbed the "Brexit Election".

2019 General Election

The 2019 General Election in the UK was dubbed the “Brexit Election”. Boris Johnson’s Conservatives and Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party represented the Leave side, whilst the Liberal Democrats, the Scottish National Party, Plaid Cymru and the Greens represented Remain. Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party tried to appeal to both sides, which some have claimed was the reason for their worst performance in a general election since the 1930s.

In the end, the Conservatives won a landslide victory, giving them a majority in the House of Commons of 80 seats. A massive victory for Leave you might think, until you realise that the Conservatives and the Brexit Party got 45.6% of the vote between them, whilst the Remain parties and Labour got 53%.

Despite our “First Past the Post” electoral system, which granted a huge majority to the Conservatives, the issue of Brexit was not yet done. Campaigns to re-join the EU had already begun and years of trade talks were on the cards before our links with Europe could be permanently cut.

But what about the election itself? The campaign had many interesting moments. See how many you can remember in this Brexit quiz.

By the way, we asked over 1,000 schoolchildren how they would vote (if they had a chance) and you might be surprised to learn what they said - find out on our Survey Results page.

Labour campaigned to hold a second referendum on our membership of the EU. Which side did Jeremy Corbyn say he would support?
Many have blamed Labour’s failure to choose a side in the Brexit debate as the reason for their humiliation in the election
Which Conservative MP, the Leader of the House of Commons, was criticised during the election campaign after he made comments about the Grenfell Tower disaster?
Sajid Javid
Jacob Rees-Mogg
Dominic Raab
Michael Gove
Mr. Reese-Mogg said that it would have been “common sense” to ignore the Fire Brigade’s advice and to flee the building. Seventy-two people died in the Grenfell Tower tragedy
To help the Brexit cause, Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party did not stand any candidates in constituencies held by which party?
The Conservatives
The Liberal Democrats
The ploy worked – the Leave vote was not split, but the Remain vote was. A stroke of genius by the Brexiteers, which probably won them the election
The Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party took ITV to court during the campaign. Why?
Because they refused to show any Party Political Broadcasts
Because Coronation Street was aired to coincide with their policy announcements
Because they screened an advert for the Brexit Party
Because their leaders were not included in a televised debate
Only two leaders, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, were permitted to speak, but the High Court ruled that, because ITV was not exercising “a public function” it was not liable to judicial review
During the first televised debate, the Conservative Party temporarily renamed their Twitter account. What did they call it?
Twitter said it would take "decisive corrective action" if a similar stunt was attempted again. However, Conservative spokesman, James Cleverly, said he was “absolutely comfortable” with the strategy
After concerns were raised about the future of the NHS under the Conservatives, Boris Johnson announced that there would be how many new nurses if he was re-elected Prime Minister?
This number included 18,500 who were encouraged to stay in the profession rather than quitting. Even given this, by 2022 only half the target had been reached
The Conservative candidate for Ludlow, Philip Dunne, made what comment during a debate, causing public outrage?
He said that Remainers should be "locked up"
He said Jeremy Corbyn was "A little Stalin"
He said that Boris Johnson was "God"
He said the Labour candidate was “Talking through his turban”
Mr. Dunne made his comment to Kuldip Sahota whilst debating education budgets. He later released a statement saying, “I apologised to Kuldip Sahota for my comments. I apologise again unreservedly for the offence caused”
When Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage refused to attend a leaders’ debate on Channel 4 all about climate change, what were they represented by?
Ice creams
Ice skates
Ice sculptures
Ice cubes
The Conservatives complained to Ofcom that Channel 4 had broken strict impartiality rules, but their complaint was thrown out
Jeremy Corbyn called a press conference to announce something posted on Reddit. What was it?
The largest leek he had ever grown on his allotment
A leaked UK-US trade talks document
A recipe for cock-a-leekie soup
A leaking tap
The Labour leader said the papers he had seen paved the way to the NHS being privatised. Conservative Culture Secretary, Nicky Morgan, responded by saying it was "extremely serious" that the leaked documents might have been revealed by Russia
Leave-backing Conservative minister, Zac Goldsmith, lost his seat in the Remain-supporting constituency of Richmond Park. What “reward” did he get for his failure?
He was given a carriage clock
He was given a knighthood
He was given a seat in the House of Lords
He was given a certificate of commiseration
Goldsmith lost his seat to the Liberal Democrats by 7,000 votes. Despite this, he kept his position as Minister of State for Environment and International Development
Author:  Graeme Haw

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