Electrical Safety Council
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Electrical Safety Council

The Electrical Safety Council is a UK charity committed to reducing deaths and injuries caused by electrical accidents. The organisation is supported by all sectors of the electrical industry as well as local and central government. Try this quiz.

The Electrical Safety Council Grants Scheme is set up to help people who are what?
In receipt of means tested benefit or state pension
Over 60 years of age
Registered disabled
All of the above
A circuit breaker is more effective than a fuse because?
It is cheaper than a fuse
It keeps the circuit intact even if there is a problem with the electrical equipment
It looks more modern
It protects the wiring and equipment from overheating and potentially catching fire, as well as being able to be reset rather than replaced
How often should the electrical wiring in a home be checked?
Every year
Every 2 years
Every 5 years
Every 10 years
Materials that do not conduct electricity are called what?
The Electrical Safety Council has roots that date back to which year?
Residual Current Devices (RCD's) are often used with outdoor electrical equipment such as trimmers to do what?
Protect people from shock
Protect the equipment from damage
Protect the garden
Protect the plug socket
What is the vision of the Electrical Safety Council?
For everyone to be happy using electricity in their homes
For everyone to be safe from the dangers that electricity can create
For everyone to buy electrical products safely
For everyone to have electricity in their homes
What percentage of the 43,000 accidental fires in UK homes in 2007 reportedly had a electrical origin?
What is the purpose of the Electrical Safety Council’s 'Plug into Safety' campaign?
To raise awareness and promote the benefits of carbon monoxide alarms
To raise awareness and promote the benefits of electricity smart meters
To raise awareness and promote the benefits of residual current devices
To raise awareness and promote the benefits of smoke alarms
A switch in an electrical circuit should always be what?
Connected to the earth wire
Connected to the live wire
Connected to the neutral wire
Not connected to any wire
Find more information at the Electrical Safety Council website. Many thanks to Haidee Ryan at the Electrical Safety Council for her help with this quiz.
Author:  Andy Lawson

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