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HCT Group
Learn about the HCT Group by playing this enjoyable quiz.

HCT Group

HCT Group was a social enterprise in the transport industry. Delivering everything from London red buses to social services transport. They reinvested profits back into community projects for older people and people with disabilities. Sadly, they never recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic and went into administration in September 2022. Try our HTC Group quiz.

As HCT Group grew from a small community transport organisation over the years, which of the following did NOT serve as their head office?
A portacabin in a bus depot
A table at the Cat and Mutton on Broadway Market
A WW2-era military bunker
The top floor of the head office of homelessness charity Shelter
The office at their depot in Hackney really was originally a control bunker for air raid defence in WW2, including blast-shield doors and an independent power supply
HCT Group was a social enterprise, but which of the following best describes what a social enterprise is?
An organisation that collects donations from the public to do good works
An organisation that is owned by the government and delivers public services
An organisation that trades so it can help people and the planet
An organisation that trades so it can make the people who own it rich
Why were many of the Groups commercial contracts, such as their London red bus routes, delivered under the name 'CT Plus'?
Just, like, because
The marketing team got a bit out of hand and wanted a new logo to play with
To confuse their rivals in the bus industry
To differentiate between their commercial work under contract and the community work that HCT Group did as a charity
CT Plus and CT Plus (Yorkshire) were also something called a Community Interest Company (CIC), which is a more efficient legal form for delivering contracts than a charity
How many vehicles of all types did HCT Group have in their fleet at its height?
The fleet included London red buses, school buses, bendy buses, single deck buses, minibuses and even wheelchair accessible cars
One time HCT Group chief executive, Dai Powell, had a number of jobs before starting at HCT Group as a volunteer bus cleaner in 1993. Which of the following did he NOT try his hand at?
Although by a strange twist of fate, back in the 1980's Dai was accidentally arrested for spying whilst on holiday in Niger and then deported
HCT Group used to be called Hackney Community Transport, but when did they change their name to HCT Group?
As they started to expand out of Hackney, they found that the name confused people. The group started to operate all over London and elsewhere
HCT Group community operation in Leeds was L.A.T – but what did L.A.T stand for?
Leeds Alternative Transport
Leeds Alternative Travel
Lets Air out of Tyres
Like a Taxicab
L.A.T provided subsidised community minibuses and a community car service for older people and people with disabilities
HCT Group provided subsidised minibuses for community groups and other charities. They served a wide variety of community groups over the years, but which of the following were NOT community transport members at some time?
Inner City Outer Space
Stylisters Urban Short Cuts
The Friends of Markham Main
The Pudsey Space-Hopper Display Team
HCT Group provided trips for an amazing variety of community groups
How many depots did HCT Group have in London and Yorkshire?
3 plus a head office
5 plus a head office
7 plus a head office
10 plus a head office
LaSCoT was the name of their community transport service in south London, but what did LaSCoT stand for?
Lambeth and Southwark Community Transport
Lies about Stealing Cars or Trucks
Likes a Strong Cup of Tea
London and Surrey Coaches or Trains
For the record, LaSCoT would never steal cars or trucks, let alone lie about it!
Author:  Andy Lawson

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