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Practical Action
See if you can get full marks in this enjoyable quiz.

Practical Action

Practical Action is an international development charity with a difference. They work together with some of the world’s poorest women, men and children, helping to tackle poverty in the developing world through the innovative use of technology. Learn more about them by playing this quiz.

Who founded Practical Action?
David Attenborough
E F Schumacher
Henry Dunant
King George VI
What fraction of the world’s population live on less than the cost of two music downloads a day?
What is a 'zeer pot'?
A container used to store seed
A cooking pot used in developing countries
A pot designed to be carried on your head
A type of fridge
It consists of one earthenware pot set inside another, with a layer of wet sand in between. As the moisture evaporates, it cools the inner pot, keeping up 12kg of produce fresh for up to three weeks
In which of the following countries does Practical Action help local people adapt to climate change by showing them how to build floating gardens?
During the floods growing crops on land is impossible. Practical Action has shown people how to build a raft out of hyacinth roots that they can then grow crops on. When it floods they still have food to eat. This is called a 'floating garden'
Which of the following is not affected by climate change?
The amount of rain - leading to flooding and drought
The temperature
The type of food that people can grow
They are all affected by climate change
It is the world's poorest people who are hardest hit by devastating droughts, floods and other extreme weather events. This is a massive injustice as climate change is caused by the world's richest countries
What is Practical Action’s 'strapline' (written underneath the logo)?
Money challenging poverty
Technology challenging poverty
Technology for all
Technology helps people
Smoke inhalation caused by cooking on open fires indoors causes more deaths than which of the following?
Disease carried in water
Smoke inhalation causes more death per year than Malaria. In many developing countries people with no access to electricity cook on open fires inside their houses which are poorly ventilated
When Practical Action helps a village in a developing country get electricity they .......
Give money to the government so that they can give it to the village
Pay another company to do the work for them
Send a team of people from the UK to go and see what would work best, then send engineers over to build it
Talk to the community to work out what is best for them then work with the community and local engineers to build it
What is a 'tuin'?
A large cage like structure used to transport people across a river
A machine used to generate renewable energy
A type of water filter
An earthquake resistant house
In some remote areas of the developing world constructing a bridge to cross a river is too expensive. Practical Action provides communities with a cheaper, safe, sustainable solution. A simple pulley system enables a tuin to use muscle power alone!
Practical Action does lots of work on energy. What percentage of people in the world don’t have access to energy needed for cooking and lighting?
Find more information at the Practical Action website. Many thanks to Julie Pollard, Education Manager at Practical Action for her help with this quiz.
Author:  Andy Lawson

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