St Dunstan's
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St Dunstan's

Since 1915, St Dunstan’s (now renamed Blind Veterans UK) has been giving invaluable physical and emotional support to blind and visually impaired ex-Service men and women. Find out more about their work in this quiz.

During which war was the organisation St Dunstan's founded?
The Crimean War
The Great War 1914-1918
World War II 1939-1945
The Korean War
The Great War 1914-1918 in the year 1915
St Dunstan's cares for ex-Service men and women who have which disability?
Extreme old age
Inability to walk
Visual impairment
How many men and women are currently being helped by St Dunstan's including a number who were injured in Iraq and Afghanistan?
Between 100 and 200
Between 200 and 500
Between 500 and 1000
More than 3000
How old was the youngest beneficiary of St Dunstan's?
13 years old
15 years old
17 years old
19 years old
He was a cadet
Who was the founder of St Dunstan's?
Field Marshal Douglas Haig
King George V
Sir Arthur Pearson
The Right Honourable David Lloyd George
Sir Arthur Pearson, the former newspaper magnate who founded the 'Daily Express' newspaper
Henry Allingham, St Dunstans’ oldest ever beneficiary, died in July 2009. How old was he?
97 years old
101 years old
109 years old
113 years old
He served in the war of 1914-1918 and joined the R.A.F. on April 1st 1918
Who is St Dunstans’ royal patron?
Sophie, Countess of Wessex
King Charles III
Prince William, the Prince of Wales
Princess Anne, the Princess Royal
Since the year 1945 St Dunstan's has cared for visually impaired ex-Service men and women who have served in how many overseas conflicts?
More than 6
These include Korea, Malaya, Suez, Palestine, Aden, Cyprus, East Africa, Northern Ireland, Falklands, Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq
In what sort of activities are beneficiaries able to participate at the rehabilitation and training Centres and in fund-raising events?
Dancing, cookery, indoor bowling, art and craft work, Bingo and story writing
Golf, archery, swimming, skiing and ten pin bowling
Marathons, half Marathons, hot-air ballooning, motor-cycling, deep-sea-diving, cycling and free-fall parachute jumping
All the above
In addition to training Centres at Ovingdean near Brighton and Sheffield, new facilities became available in which Welsh sea-side resort in 2011?
Find more information at the Blind Veterans UK website. Many thanks to Mr Harry Beevers at St Dunstan's.
Author:  Andy Lawson

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