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African Flags 4
Africa is home to many ethnic groups, including the nomadic Bedouin of the northern deserts.

African Flags 4

Despite an abundance of natural resources Africa is the world's poorest continent financially. Exploitation by European powers, followed by years of military conflict, have left it lagging behind in both health and education.

Slowly, Africa is growing in wealth, and its countries are catching up with the rest of the world.

The continent of Africa has 32 official languages (though many more unofficial ones), over 100 ethnic groups and more than 50 countries. This quiz is about the flags used in just a few of those.

The Union Jack is the symbol for this British territory. Until 2009 it was called "Saint Helena and Dependencies" but is now known as what?
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
Saint Helena, Ascension and Isolde de Lauren
Saint Helena, Ascension and Siegfried da Linha
Saint Helena, Ascension and Lancelot de Camelot
The English East India Company was granted a charter to govern Saint Helena by Oliver Cromwell In 1657 and soon after the island was colonised and plantations set up. St Helena is Britain’s second oldest surviving colony after Bermuda
This flag is the symbol of which island nation in the Indian Ocean? It gained its independence from France in 1975 when all but one of the islands in its archipelago voted for self rule. Only one island, Mayotte, voted to remain a part of France.
This is the sixth flag Comoros has used since its independence was won. It was adopted in 2002 and retains the crescent moon and four stars which were the main feature of all its predecessors
This is the flag of which North African country? It was adopted in 2011
This was the original flag of Libya following its independence in 1951. The flag was changed after the country came under the rule of the Gaddafi government in 1969, but was readopted following the Libyan civil war which overthrew the leader
Which country, whose capital city is Lusaka, is represented by this flag? Until its independence from Britain in 1964 it was known as Northern Rhodesia
The eagle, shown on the flag flying over the coloured stripes, symbolises the nation's ability to rise above the problems it may face.
The flag was changed in 1996, but only slightly. The shade of green was made a little brighter and lighter than that used in the 1964 flag
This is the flag of the second largest country in Africa. Between 1971 and 1997 it was called Zaire, but what is it known as today?
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Central African Republic
People's Republic of the Congo
In its time the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been known as Congo Free State, Belgian Congo, Republic of the Congo, and Zaïre. It won its independence from Belgium in 1960
Which country, found in the Maghreb region of western North Africa, is represented by this flag? It is named after an ancient Berber kingdom and its capital city is Nouakchott
The ancient kingdom with which Mauritania shares its name was actually in modern day Morocco.
The crescent moon and star, and the colour green, are all symbols of Islam. The population is almost 100% muslim
Which country in the Northeast of Africa is represented by this flag? Its capital city is Khartoum, and until 2011 it was the largest country in the whole of Africa
South Sudan voted to become an independent country in a referendum in 2011. Since then Sudan has become the third largest country in Africa, after Algeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo
To which country does this flag belong? It is located in Central Africa, is slightly larger than Wales (10,000 sq mi versus 8,000) and its capital city is Kigali
The Rwandan flag was adopted in 2001 to replace the old one which was a red, gold and green tricolour with a central black letter R
The smallest nation in mainland Africa, whose capital city is Banjul, has this flag as its symbol. What is the name of the country to whom it belongs? It is completely surrounded by Senegal, except for a short Atlantic coastline around the mouth of the river which shares its name with the country.
The flag, adopted on Gambia's independence from Britain in 1965, is a horizontal tricolour of red, blue and green divided by white lines. The red represents the sun, the blue is the Gambia River which flows through the country, and the green is for the forests. The white which divides the colours is symbolic of peace
This flag belongs to which country on the Atlantic coast of Southern Africa? Its official language is Portuguese and its capital city is Luanda.
The flag of Angola has a crossed cog wheel (representing industrial workers) and machete (representing the peasants) and is reminiscent of the communist hammer and sickle. A replacement flag has been proposed which replaces the cog wheel and machete with a stylised sun, but this new flag has not yet been adopted


Author:  Graeme Haw

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