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European Flags 1
The United Kingdom - but which of the four countries which form it is not represented on its flag? Find out in this quiz..

European Flags 1

Europe is the second smallest of the world's continents, but has the third largest population. It is bordered to the north by the Arctic Ocean, to the west by the Atlantic, to the south by the Mediterranean and Black Seas, and to the east by the Ural River, the Ural and Carpathian Mountains, and the Caspian Sea.

Whether or not Europe is indeed a continent has been debated. Geographically, Europe is a part of the larger continent, Eurasia, though culturally, Europe is seen as a separate continent by most of its inhabitants. In Eastern Europe, Russia and Japan, children in school are taught of the Eurasian continent, but in China, India, Western Europe and the English-speaking world, Eurasia is separated into Europe and Asia.

This quiz is about the flags used in some of the nations in Europe - or in the Western part of Eurasia, depending on your preference!

Which country, completely surrounded by Italy, is represented by this flag? It has an area of 24 square miles (61.2 square km) and a population of 30,000 - roughly the same as the town of Pontypridd in Wales.
The Vatican City
San Marino
According to tradition, San Marino was founded by Saint Marinus on September 3rd, 301 AD. It is well known for the Grand Prix races which took place between 1981 and 2006, although these were actually in the nearby town of Omola in Italy
This flag, which has its origins in the 12th century, represents which Alpine country?
The Swiss flag is said to be the inspiration for the Red Cross, which is identical but with reversed colours. This is because Switzerland is the home of Geneva, where the Red Cross was formed.
The flag of Switzerland is one of only two national flags which are square, the other being that of the Vatican City
Which Eastern European country is represented by this flag? It is roughly twice the size of Wales and its capital city is Tallinn.
Czech Republic
Like its neighbour, Lithuania, Estonia has been ruled by many foreign powers, including the Danes and the Swedes. It became independent of Russia in 1920, before being occupied by the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and again by the Soviet Union. It regained its independence in 1991
The largest country which is entirely within Europe is represented by this flag. The capital city gives its name to a popular chicken and garlic-butter dish, but what is the name of the country?
The dish is, of course, 'Chicken Kiev.'
The flag represents a blue sky over a field of wheat, a reference to Ukraine's status as the world's third largest producer of grain
This is, of course, the Union Jack of the United Kingdom. It represents all of the countries in the UK except one. Which country is not shown on the Union Jack?
Northern Ireland
The central red cross is that of St George and represents England. The white saltire on a blue background is the flag of St Andrew and represents Scotland. The red saltire is the flag of St Patrick and represents Northern Ireland, but Wales is nowhere to be found on the flag of Britain. Some have suggested placing a red dragon, a part of the Welsh flag, in the centre of the Union Jack, to remedy this oversight
This flag represents which self-governing British Dependency?
The Isle of Man
The Isle of Wight
Two particular animals are associated with the Isle of Man: the Manx Loaghtan (a breed of sheep with four horns) and the Manx Cat (which has no tail)
This flag represents which country, whose capital city is Vilnius?
Lithuania has existed, on and off, since 1009 AD. In its time it has been ruled by the Poles, the Germans, and twice by the Soviet Union - from whom it gained its independence in 1990
To which Northern European country, which has existed since 872 AD, does this flag belong?
Norway was unified by King Harald I at the Battle of Hafrsfjord in 872 AD. As with all the other Scandanavian countries, the flag of Norway is marked by a Nordic Cross which is centred, not in the middle of the flag (as with other cross-bearing flags such as those of England or Scotland), but more towards the hoist side
Which country, the largest in Europe, is represented by this flag?
Russia is not only the largest country in Europe, it is the largest in the whole world, stretching far to the east across Asia. It has coastlines on the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, is spread over nine different time zones, and has an area of 6,592,800 square miles (17,098,242 square km). That's large enough to enclose the entire UK 70 times!
To which country, the westernmost on mainland Europe, does this flag belong?
The flag has been in use since 1911 - one year after the Portuguese monarchy was overthrown and the country became a republic


Author:  Graeme Haw

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