North and South American Flags 2
The first Europeans to discover America were the Vikings in the 10th century AD.

North and South American Flags 2

When were the Americas discovered? The answer many people will give to that question is 1492, when (according to the rhyme) Cristopher Columbus 'sailed the ocean blue'. But they would be wrong. Columbus was not even the first European to visit the Americas. The Vikings had settlements there before 1000 AD, 500 years before Columbus 'discovered' the land.

Did the Vikings discover America then? The answer is still... no! Some 4,500 years ago a wave of settlers entered the continent from Asia via Alaska. But even these were not the first. Between 40,000-17,000 years ago the first migrants entered from Siberia and their descendants colonised both North and South America.

With the coming of Columbus and the consequent European invasion, the make-up of the Americas changed, and with the eventual break-up of the European empires, the countries we know today came into being. This quiz is about some of those countries, and their flags.

This is the flag of which country, whose capital city is San Jose?
El Salvador
Costa Rica
Costa Rica (Rich Coast) is one of the most progressive and stable countries in the whole of the Americas. In 1949 it permanently abolished its army, and in 2009 it was ranked as the most environmentally friendly country on Earth
This is the flag of which country; the world's 5th largest in terms of area?
The country was originally named "Land of the Holy Cross" by its Portuguese colonists. It was nicknamed Brazil after the brazilwood which grows there which was harvested for the red dye it produces. Over time the nickname supplanted the official name and the country became formally known as Brazil
To which country does this flag belong? It is named after one of the leaders during the Latin American wars for independence from Spain.
In 1825 Simon Bolivar gave General Antonio de Sucre the options of remaining a part of Peru, of uniting with Argentina, or of becoming an independent state. Sucre chose independence and a new country, named in honour of Bolivar, was born.
This is another flag which bears the name of the country it represents, which should have made the question just that little bit easier!
This is the flag of Canada. Although Canada became fully independent from Britain in 1931, it still used the Union Jack until the present flag was adopted in which year?
Canada did have its own flag prior to 1965; a red ensign with the Union Jack in the top left corner and the Canadian coat of arms (the British coat of arms with the addition of maple leaves) to the right. This flag was never officially adopted though. The current flag was designed by George Stanley and is based on that of the Royal Military College of Canada
Which Caribbean island country is represented by this flag? Its capital city is Bridgetown.
The flag was adopted in 1966 when Barbados became independent from Britain. The blue is said to represent the sea and the gold is for the sand. The broken trident is a symbol of the links Barbados has to the UK; Britannia's trident, broken at the bottom to symbolise Barbados' break from its former status as a colony to that of an independent state
Which country, a part of the Kingdom of Denmark, is represented by this flag?
Sint Maarten
Saint Martin
Greenland was settled by the Norsemen in the 10th century AD. According to legend, the icy country was named Greenland in order to attract more settlers, who were no doubt disappointed to find upon arrival that 'Whiteland' would have been a more accurate description! Formerly a Norwegian Sovereignty, Greenland was given to Denmark in 1814
Which country, which gained independence from Britain in 1966, is represented by this flag? It is the original home of Demerara Sugar.
United States of America
The name Guyana is from a native word meaning "land of many waters." It contains many rivers, one of which is the Demerara after which the sugar is named
Three islands; Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba, are represented by this flag which belongs to which European country?
The three islands are "special municipalities of the Netherlands" and are collectively known as the Caribbean Netherlands. When the former country, Netherlands Antilles, was dissolved in 2010, the Caribbean Netherlands became a part of the mother country
Which country is represented by this flag? Its capital city is Caracas.
Venezuela is said to have gotten its name because it reminded the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci (after whom America is named) of Venice. The word Venezuela is a mix of Italian and Spanish and means "little Venice"
This is the flag of which country also known as "the island of spice?" Its capital city is St George's.
Grenada is blessed with both nutmeg and mace, hence its alternative name. It had been both a French colony and a British colony before it gained independence in 1974


Author:  Graeme Haw

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