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Regal London - Kings
Who was on the throne when drinking tea became popular in Britain?

Regal London - Kings

Contrary to popular belief, William the Conqueror was not the first king of England. That honour goes to Athelstan 140 years before William. The country, or parts of it, had their own kings before Athelstan, King of Wessex, united them in 927. We've had many monarchs since then - some truly unforgettable whilst some remain almost unheard of. Next time you pass a ‘King’s street’ or ‘King’s Square’, why not endeavour to find out to which king it refers?

Test your knowledge of kings in Regal London!

Which English Plantagenet King is known as The Lionheart?
Henry II
Richard I
Edward IV
Richard III
Called ‘The Lionheart’ for his bravery in battle and fighting the crusades, he spent only 7 months of his decade as monarch in England
The British Monarchy faced an unusual situation in 1936 when which King abdicated?
Edward VII
George V
Edward VIII
George VI
Edward had fallen in love with a woman who had been married twice before. As King, he was not allowed to marry a divorcee so was obliged to choose between marrying his love, Wallis Simpson, or being King of England
The 1994 Oscar-winning film ‘The Madness of King George’ is about the life of which King George?
George I
George II
George III
George IV
Rumour has it that if it were titled ‘The Madness of King George III’ some potential cinema-goers would have stayed at home thinking this to be the final instalment of a trilogy
In 1918 the Reform Act was passed, giving women the right to vote for the first time. Who was King at the time?
Charles I
James II
Edward IV
George V
George V was also the first British Monarch to make a Christmas radio broadcast in 1932
Which English King controlled more land in France than even the King of France?
Henry II
Edward I
Richard III
Henry II is also famous for his power-struggle and falling out with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket
The Order of the Garter is the oldest and most senior British order of Chivalry. It was founded by which King?
Edward III
Henry V
Henry VIII
Edward VIII
The Order consists of the Monarch and twenty-five knights. The honour is given to those who have held public offices, who have contributed in a particular way to national life or who have served the Sovereign personally
In whose reign was the Magna Carta drawn up and sealed?
Harold Harefoot
William I
George VI
In 1215 John was pressured to adopt the terms of the Magna Carta, which limited his powers as king and gave the nobles more influence in Parliament
The wife of which King is credited with popularising tea-drinking in Britain?
James I
Charles II
Catherine of Braganza, the Portuguese wife of Charles II, is said to have introduced the custom of tea-drinking to the British in the late 1600s
According to legend, which King ‘burnt the cakes’?
King Alfred
King Athelstan
Sweyn Forkbeard
Richard III
Alfred may not have been the best cook but he was dubbed Alfred The Great for having united (most of) the English (his son, Athelstan was the first king of all England), defended the country from Viking invasion and revolutionised the country's legal system and military structure
Which King was beheaded for treason in 1649?
Charles I
James I
Charles II
James II
Charles I is the only British Monarch to have been executed for treason. The country was a republic for 10 years known as the Commonwealth and was led by politician and military leader, Oliver Cromwell


Author:  Augusta Harris

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