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Shakespeare’s London
See how much you know about Shakespeare's time in London.

Shakespeare’s London

In the late 1500s, London was a lively and growing town. Play-going was part of daily life for the city’s residents, irrespective of class. Thus when Shakespeare began working in London around 1588, it was a good time for actors. Between 1567 and 1622, nine new London playhouses were established.

The Globe held one performance a day. At what time did it start?
The play changed every day
Though several of Shakespeare’s plays have scenes that take place in London, how many are set in London?
The Merry Wives of Windsor is probably the play set closest to London. At 25 miles from London, Windsor now seems relatively near but it would not have been so easy to travel to in the 1500s
Where did the first recorded performance of Twelfth Night take place?
Middle Temple Hall
The Rose Theatre
The Globe Theatre
The first recorded performance took place in Middle Temple Hall at Candlemas in 1602 and was given in the presence of Queen Elizabeth I
The modern Globe Theatre in London opened in 1997. When did the original Globe open?
Incidentally on both occasions the first play to be shown was Henry V
All of these phrases are believed to have been coined by Shakespeare except one - which is it?
Quick as a flash
A blinking idiot
It’s raining cats and dogs
I haven’t slept a wink
The origins of a very surprising number of everyday sayings can be traced back to Shakespeare’s works
When the Globe Theatre first opened in 1599, a flag of Hercules carrying a globe on his shoulders was flown to herald the arrival of the new playhouse, but what was the significance of the other coloured flags that were subsequently flown?
The age suitability of the play
The availability of tickets remaining
The genre of play being shown
The start time of that day’s performance
A white flag was flown for comedy plays, a black flag for tragedies and a red flag for history plays
In 1593 London's theatres were closed by what or by whom?
The Plague
A fire
The Puritans
The Mercers
It is thought that it was during this time Shakespeare turned his hand to writing poetry instead of plays
Shakespeare came to London at around what age?
Surprisingly for someone who wrote so much about contemporary life, very little is know about Shakespeare’s own life
What was the name of Shakespeare’s company of actors?
The 5 men
The Globetrotters
The Royal Shakespeare Company
The Lord Chamberlain’s Men
They were later called the King’s Men when James VI of Scotland succeeded Elizabeth I in 1603 as King James I. Shakespeare walked in the King’s coronation procession
Which of these was not a London residence of William Shakespeare?
Ireland Court
Silver Street
Great St Helens
Henley Street
Shakespeare was born in a house on Henley St, Stratford-Upon-Avon. The house is now home to the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust - a charity that promotes the works, life and times of William Shakespeare


Author:  Augusta Harris

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