Theatre and Cinema in London
Many visitors to London take in a show or play.

Theatre and Cinema in London

According to a National Theatre report, almost twice as many people visit the theatre every year in London as watch Premier League football. The capital boasts well over 100 cinemas, with Leicester Square being the home of London Entertainment. In this quiz you may learn some unusual facts about the city’s cultural heritage.

If you're a cinema or theatre enthusiast, see if you can get full marks in this London quiz!

In which James Bond film does Bond visit the College of Arms in the City of London?
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
On this occasion James Bond is shown his own family Coat of Arms that bears the motto “The World Is Not Enough”
Which musical includes the song, “A Room in Bloomsbury”?
Blue Magic
Such is Life
The Boyfriend
The musical’s original 1954 London production ran for 2,078 performances!
Which London market forms the backdrop to Hitchcock’s thriller “Frenzy”?
Covent Garden
Most of the 1972 film was shot in and around Covent Garden. Hitchcock was the son of a Covent Garden merchant
In which 1937 musical did the song and dance, “The Lambeth Walk” first appear?
Me and My Girl
Blue Velvet
Bow Bells
Chelsea Follies
The show also featured the song “The Sun Has Got His Hat On”
In the film ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks’, the spell-hunters travel to Portobello Road Market where they encounter a spiv called Swimburne. Which popular TV entertainer played this character?
Des O’Connor
Max Bygraves
Bruce Forsythe
Ken Dodd
Bruce Forsythe also had a cameo role in the American show “Magnum P.I.”
Which well-known London performing arts venue is situated on the site of natural springs?
The Globe
The Old Vic
Sadler’s Wells
The Royal Opera House
Ancient monastic springs were discovered there in the 1600s, the water of which was thought to have medicinal properties
How many theatres are contained within the National Theatre’s Southbank complex?
The three theatres are The Olivier, The Lyttelton and the Dorfman (formerly the Cottesloe)
In 1662 a now-famous puppet show was first performed in Covent Garden and was watched by Samuel Pepys who wrote about it in his famous diary. Known then as Pulcinello, what do we now call this figure?
Mr. Punch
The show was performed by an Italian called Pietro Gimonde, also known as "Signor Bologna"
Which award-winning 2010 film starring Colin Firth was set in London?
Black Swan
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Never Let Me Go
The King’s Speech
In the film Colin Firth played Prince Albert, the future King George VI
Which major theatre production is next in this sequence?

The Woman in White
Monty Python’s Spamalot
Priscilla Queen of the Desert
Singing in the Rain
The Phantom of the Opera
They are all major productions at The Palace Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue


Author:  Augusta Harris

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