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Fall of the House of York
Richard lost his horse and had to fight on foot.

Fall of the House of York

Fall of the House of York tests you on the Battle of Bosworth.

In the culmination of the thirty-year-long War of the Roses, the Battle of Bosworth was fought. King Richard III was killed, bringing an end to the rule of the House of York, the line of Plantagenet kings and the war itself. A new era was to follow, governed by a new dynasty; the Tudors.

The Lancastrian army, led by Henry Tudor, was made up of men from several countries. From where did the majority come?
Most of Henry's men came from his homeland in Wales. He also had 1,800 Frenchmen and a few Scots. Despite fighting for the English crown, Henry's army of 5,000 contained less than 1,000 Englishmen
The battle began well for Henry, so Richard ordered one of his commanders to attack. The order was not followed. Who was the commander in question?
Sir Stanley
The Earl of Warwick
The Earl of Northumberland
The Duke of Norfolk
Some historians think that Northumberland betrayed his king but others believe that the order was made impossible to complete due to the nature of the terrain. Either way, the ordered attack never came
During the battle Henry rode away from the rest of his army. Where did he go?
To Leicester
To the top of a hill
To the rear of his army
Towards Richard's army
Henry rode towards Sir Stanley's men, who were part of Richard's army. This seems strange at first but there was method in his madness, as you will see later
Richard tried to end the battle by attacking the enemy leader, Henry Tudor. Richard's charge managed to kill many men, including Henry's banner bearer but it could not reach Henry himself. How close did Richard get to Henry?
A few miles
A few yards
A few feet
A few inches
Richard is said to have come within 'a greatsword-length' of Henry before the press of men and horses carried him away
Richard's near victory was scuppered by what?
An attack from his own men
A cavalry charge from Henry's men
A cannon shot
A hail of arrows
Whilst Richard was attacking Henry and separated from the rest of his army, one of his commanders, Sir Stanley, switched sides and his men attacked Richard, their king. Henry's advance towards Stanley's force now makes sense
Richard's standard bearer, Sir Percival Thirwell, continued to hold up the Yorkist banner despite losing what?
His horse
His arm
His legs
His mind
Despite his injuries Sir Percival still held the banner aloft until he was eventually killed
Richard lost his horse and had to fight on foot. How did he react to this?
He fought on regardless
He ordered one of his men to give him their own horse
He charged recklessly to his death
He prayed to God for a horse
Richard's followers offered him their horses so that he could escape but Richard refused. He was surrounded and outnumbered and eventually hacked to death by Henry's followers
What did Henry do with Richard's body?
Have it burned
Have it placed in a shroud and buried
Have it beheaded and the head put on a spike
Have it stripped naked and strapped to a horse
Richard's corpse was taken to Leicester and displayed in a church to prove that he was indeed dead. It was buried two days later in an unmarked tomb
Richard's body was buried in Leicester, at which church?
Greyfriars was dissolved in 1538 by Henry VII's son, Henry VIII. The site of Richard's grave later became a car park
The Battle of Bosworth brought an end to both the War of the Roses and the rule of the House of York. What else is said to have ended on this date?
The Black Death
The Middle Ages
The Peasant's Revolt
Government by the monarchy
Many historians take the end of Richard III's reign as the beginning of the Renaissance, with advances in scientific knowledge and the discovery of America soon to take place


Author:  Graeme Haw

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