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Two Short Years
Richard was crowned as King of England in 1483.

Two Short Years

Two Short Years looks at the reign of Richard III.

King Richard III is one of the most memorable of English monarchs, in the same league as Victoria and Henry VIII. His endurance in the memory of English history is remarkable, given that he ruled the country for only two short years. What occurred during Richard's brief, yet memorable reign?

During Richard's reign he encouraged the new technology of printing. The first English translation of which book was printed in March 1484?
The Odyssey
The Bible
Aesop's Fables
The Koran
It was printed by William Caxton who was the first man to use a printing press in England. He was also the first Englishman to sell printed books as all other traders were foreign
Richard's reign is said to have started twelve days before his coronation after he deposed which king?
Edward IV
Henry V
Edward V
Henry VI
Richard's nephew, Edward V, was declared illegitimate by Richard's followers and Richard was proclaimed king
Richard was crowned as King of England in 1483 but on what date?
On the 6th of June
On the 6th of July
On the 6th of August
On the 6th of September
He was crowned at Westminster Abbey by Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Bourchier
In August of 1483 the Sistine Chapel was opened in Rome. Which famous artist painted the fresco on the chapel's ceiling?
The fresco, which depicts scenes from the book of Genesis, was not begun until 1508; 23 years after Richard's reign ended
Richard's reign came to an end on August 22nd 1485 after his defeat at the Battle of Bosworth Field. In which county is Bosworth?
The actual site of the battle is disputed. Though Market Bosworth is the closest town to the battle, the latest research suggests that the battle was 3 miles from the traditional location
In October of 1483 Richard faced a rebellion by Henry Stafford, the Duke of Buckingham. After his defeat Buckingham tried to escape but was captured how?
He tried to escape down river but his boat sank
He was stopped at a port as he tried to leave the country
He posed as a woman but his disguise failed
He was turned in for a reward
Richard had put a price on Buckingham's head and he was delivered to Richard. Convicted of treason, Buckingham was beheaded on 2nd November in Salisbury
In early August of 1485 thousands of Londoners were killed by an outbreak of what disease?
Sweating sickness
Sleeping sickness
The disease, now thought to have been a virus, caused death within hours of the first symptoms showing. Thankfully, the last known outbreak occurred in 1551
On the 9th April 1484, Richard III's only legitimate child, Edward Prince of Wales, died. How old was the young Prince?
He was four years old
He was six years old
He was eight years old
He was ten years old
It is thought that Edward died of tuberculosis but we cannot be sure. A chronicle of the time says of Edward's death, "On hearing the news of this, at Nottingham, where they were then residing, you might have seen his father and mother in a state almost bordering on madness, by reason of their sudden grief
In September of 1484 the kingdoms of England and Scotland signed a three year truce. After which city was the treaty named?
Scottish emissaries met Richard in the city where the truce was declared. It was also arranged for James III's oldest son, the Duke of Rothesay, to marry Richard's niece, Anne de la Pole
On 22nd July 1484 the Battle of Lochmaben Fair took place in Scotland after Richard III gave permission for rebels agianst the Scottish king to invade from England. Who was the Scottish king at the time?
James I
James II
James III
James IV
The Scottish lords, the Duke of Albany and the Earl of Douglas, wanted to overthrow James III. Their rebellion failed, Douglas was captured and Albany retreated to France where he was killed one year later in a joust


Author:  Graeme Haw

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