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1918 Babies

1918 Babies

1918 Babies includes presidents and Hollywood stars.

In 1918 the First World War, after five years of bloodshed and millions of deaths, finally came to an end. But some things were just beginning. Several new countries were founded, having won their independence from their former masters. Also millions of lives began as babies came into the world. Some of these would grow up to change their planet and others to entertain its people. Find out about a few of the 1918 babies whose names live on today.

English actor Sebastian Cabot was born on July 6th 1918. Before he became an actor Cabot worked where?
In a school
In a coal mine
In a hospital
In a garage
He was sacked from his job at the garage after he wrecked a car. Whilst there he had served as a chauffeur to the actor Frank Pettingell, and this had aroused his love for theatre. He went on to appear in many films including the 1973 remake of Miracle on 34th Street, in which he played Kris Kringle. He died on August 22nd 1977 when he was 59 years old
On May 11th 1918 the scientist Richard Feynman was born, in Manhattan, New York. In the 1940s Feynman worked on a task which shared the name of his place of birth. What was the aim of The Manhattan Project?
To detect quantum particles of matter
To decode German encrypted messages
To prove or disprove the Big Bang Theory
To develop nuclear bombs
In separate projects Feynman worked on quantum mechanics, superfluidity and particle physics. He won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1965 and in later life he worked on quantum computing and nanotechnology. He died on February 15th 1988, aged 69
Pictured is the size 37 shoe of Robert Wadlow, who was born on February 22nd 1918. Wadlow is the tallest man ever to have lived. How tall was he?
Photograph courtesy of Doug Coldwell at Wikipedia
8 feet 7 inches (2.62m)
8 feet 9 inches (2.67m)
8 feet 11 inches (2.72m)
9 feet 1 inch (2.77m)
Robert Wadlow suffered from hyperplasia in his pituitary gland which causes high levels of growth hormone. He was still growing when he died on July 15th 1940, aged just 22
Margarita Cansino was born in New York on October 17th 1918. In the 1930s and 40s she became a Hollywood star, appearing in more than 60 films and dancing with icons Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. By what name is she more usually known?
Rita Hayworth
Katherine Hepburn
Joan Fontaine
Bette Davis
It was not only her name that Hayworth changed in order to become a film star. She was renowned as a beautiful redhead, but her natural hair colour was brown. She died on May 14th 1987 when she was 68 years old
Taufa'ahau Tupou IV, King of Tonga, was born on 4th July 1918. In the 1970s he held the dubious honour of being the heaviest monarch in the world. How heavy was he?
29 stones (184 kg)
31 stones (197 kg)
33 stones (210 kg)
35 stones (222 kg)
In the 1990s Tupou IV managed to lose a third of his weight after taking part in a national fitness campaign. As well as being heavy, Tupou IV was also tall, measuring in at 6 feet 5 inches. He died on 10th September 2006 at the age of 88
Ingmar Bergman was born on 14th July 1918 in Sweden. In his career he directed more than 60 films, the most acclaimed of which being The Seventh Seal, where a knight plays what game against the Grim Reaper in order to save his life?
The scene has inspired several other films, mostly comedies, and is parodied in Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, Monty Python's The Meaning of Life and Woody Allen's play Death Knocks. Bergman met death himself on 30th July 2007 when he was 89 years old
On November 11th 1918, the last day of the First World War, American actor Stubby Kaye was born. He was most famous for appearing in musicals such as Guys and Dolls, but he played the character Marvin Acme in which animated movie?
Tom and Jerry the Movie
Watership Down
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Toy Story
The film, which stars Bob Hoskins, mixes live action with animation and was a boost to the flagging popularity of animated movies. Stubby Kaye died on December 14th 1997. He was 79 years old
Born on 18th July 1918, Nelson Mandela grew up to become the first black President of South Africa. Before he became president he was imprisoned by the Government of South Africa for how many years, because of his resistance to Apartheid?
For 23 years
For 25 years
For 27 years
For 29 years
Mandela was arrested on 5th August 1962 and not released until 2nd February 1990. Four years later, in the first South African General Election allowing members of all races to vote, Mandela's party, the ANC, received 62% of the ballot and he was elected President of the country. He died on 5th December 2013 at the age of 95
The famous comedian, writer and actor Terence Alan Milligan, more commonly known as 'Spike', was born on 16th April 1918. In which country was he born?
Photograph courtesy of Londoneye at Wikipedia
One of his parents was Irish and the other English, but Spike was born in British India. He had a long career encompassing radio, TV, film, theatre and books. He died on 27th February 2002 at the age of 83
Elizabeth Bloomer was born on April 8th 1918 and in 1948 she married the future President of the USA, Gerald Ford. In 1982 she founded the Betty Ford Centre, a clinic devoted to the treatment of what?
Heart disease
Alcohol and drug addictions
Breast cancer
Betty Ford had herself been addicted to alcohol and analgesics for many years. She founded the centre after she had overcome her addictions. She died on July 8th 2011, aged 93


Author:  Graeme Haw

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