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First Year Special Offer For All Teachers
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How Much Is It?

Normally it costs a primary school £390 + VAT per year and a secondary school £590 + VAT per year. However, in order for your school to get to know Education Quizzes, we are offering a special first year price of £99 + VAT for primary schools and £199 + VAT for secondary schools. For this, all the students (and teachers!) at the school can use the entire site.

Simply click the button below to subscribe and you will be up and running within minutes.


Write Quizzes For A Free Year’s Subscription

If you feel any subjects on the site would benefit from more quizzes, and you’d like to write them yourself, we are offering a free year’s subscription to any teacher who writes 10 or more quizzes. This subscription is for your whole school – all teachers and pupils alike.

Before you decide, please take a little time to read Writing Your Own Quizzes as quiz-writing is not as easy as it sounds!

If you’ve read the above link and are still interested, please contact Sarah for further details.

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