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Education-Quizzes-EarthLearning GCSE Geography: Rivers, Avalanches and Rainforests

(Fun GCSE Geography revision quizzes to teach students in Year 10 and Year 11)

Geography revision is demanding. It wants to go around the world and back again.

You need to look at the coast, the forests, rivers, valleys, mountains, floods and even glaciers. If there’s one subject that requires you to travel the most, it’s this one. Luckily for couch potatoes, you don’t actually have to go and see these places and phenomena to learn about them.

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It probably helps (you know, seeing the glaciers up close and stuff) but it’s definitely not necessary. Phew.

Our approach to Geography is a little different. There aren’t any field trips and we won’t ask you to make notes while looking at a tree. We’ve condensed the important National Curriculum stuff that you need for GCSE Geography and put it all into jam-packed quizzes. They’re bursting with Geography knowledge and our quick-fire format means you won’t even get the chance to be bored.

So, young Christopher Columbus, you’d probably like to know what topics we teach. We cover everything from farms and flooding to ecosystems, urbanisation and more. We’ll even take a look at how our climate has changed over the last two million years! There’s plenty more too, just have a look below at all the wondrous topics we cover.

It’s nowhere near as dull as you thought revision would be. When you’re on board with Education Quizzes, you’ll feel confident in your knowledge of the syllabus and we even think have fun revising. Who would have thought it?

When you get into the swing of work and keep on top of your revision, it feels great. You can complete our quizzes wherever you like and we’ll let you take each quiz as many times as you want. Get started with our GCSE Geography revision quizzes today and you’ll wonder why you ever stressed about revision.

It’s time to explore our planet (walking boots optional).

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Abbreviations and Acronyms Play for free
Atlas Map Skills Play for free
Atlases, Ordnance Survey Play for free
Avalanches Preview
Carbon Footprint Preview
Changes in Rural Areas - LEDCs Preview
Changes in Rural Areas - MEDCs Preview
Characterisation of Rural Areas Preview
Classifying Rocks and the Rock Cycle Preview
Climate of the UK Preview
Coastal Deposition Preview
Coastal Erosion Preview
Coastal Management Preview
Consequences of Climate Change Preview
Deforestation Preview
Desertification Preview
Drought Preview
Earthquakes Preview
Economically Advanced Economies Preview
Ecosystems Preview
Effects of Changes to Modern Industry in the UK Preview
Emerging Economies Preview
Energy Generation Preview
Erosion Preview
Evidence for Climate Change Preview
Extinctions Preview
Farms and Farming Preview
Flooding Preview
Flooding and Management Preview
Gathering and Using Data Preview
Geographical Information Systems Preview
Geological Time Preview
Glacial Deposition Landscapes Preview
Glacial Erosion Landforms Preview
Glaciation Preview
Global Food Production Preview
Global Inequalities Preview
Globalisation Preview
Green Belt Preview
Greenhouse Effect Preview
Human Uses of the Rainforest Preview
Humans and the Desert Preview
Hurricanes Preview
Hydroelectric Power Preview
Information from Data Preview
Information from Maps Preview
Intensive Farming and the Environment Preview
International Migration Preview
Invasive Species Preview
Landfill Preview
Landform Use and Tectonic Plates Preview
Limestone and Chalk Features Preview
Management and Use of Coniferous Forests Preview
Management and Use of Deciduous Forests Preview
Managing Ecosystems Preview
Managing Volcanic Hazards Preview
Maps Preview
Modern Changes in Industry in the UK Preview
Natural Weather Hazards Preview
Numerical Skills Preview
Organic Farming and Diversification Preview
OS Maps: Landscape Features Preview
OS Maps: Scale, Distance and Direction Preview
OS Maps: Symbols Preview
Overfishing Preview
Plastics Preview
Primary and Secondary Data Preview
Quarrying Preview
Quarrying in National Parks Preview
Rainforests - the Lungs of the Planet Preview
Recycling Preview
Reducing the Damage Caused by Earthquakes Preview
Responses to Climate Change Preview
River Movement and Erosion Preview
River Profiles Preview
River Valleys Preview
Rock Types and the Landscape Preview
Sampling Methods Preview
Soil Erosion and Degradation Preview
Solar Power Preview
Sustainable Resources Preview
Sustainable Tourism Preview
Tectonic Plates Preview
Temperate Forests Preview
The Climate Over the Past Two Million Years Preview
The Industrial Revolution Preview
The Lake District Preview
The Pacific Ring of Fire Preview
The Rock Cycle Preview
The Service Industries Preview
Tourism Preview
Trade and Aid Preview
Tsunamis Preview
Urban Change: Opportunities and Challenges Preview
Urban Models Preview
Urbanisation Preview
Volcanoes at the Edge of Tectonic Plates Preview
Volcanoes in the Middle of Tectonic Plates Preview
Water Use and Shortages Preview
Wave Generators Preview
Weather Forecasting Preview
Weather Systems Preview
Weathering Preview
What is a River? Preview
What is a Tundra? Preview
Wildlife Corridors Preview
Wind Generation Preview

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Quiz yourself clever - 3 free quizzes in every section

  • Join us (£9.95/month) to play over 4,000 more quizzes
  • Reinforce your school learning in the comfort of home
  • Build your confidence in National Curriculum subjects
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