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Ecoutez – listen.

Instructions 03

What does ‘ecrivez le nom de la bonne personne’ mean? How would you say, ‘write the correct letter in the box’?

Aged 14 to 16 and studying French? This enjoyable rapid revision quiz was created to help you.

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This is the third and final quiz on Instructions. As with the previous two, we will present you with ten instructions written in French. They are exactly the kinds of instruction you will be faced with when you come to take your GCSE exams so it pays to familiarise yourself with them. This quiz is a great way to do that. Not only is it fast, it’s also enjoyable and a fantastic way to revise.

In each question you will be given some words in French. All you have to do is choose the correct translation from the four choices offered.
Mentionnez un aspect négatif.
Circle the incorrect answer.
Say which answer is wrong.
Describe one negative aspect.
Mention one negative aspect.
Mentionnez = mention
Aspect négatif = negative aspect
Ecrivez la bonne lettre dans la case.
Write a letter and post it.
Write the correct letter in the box.
Write a letter of apology.
Write the correct letter in upper case.
Dans la case = in the box
Ecoutez cette conversation …
Listen to the conversation …
Join in the conversation …
Listen to this conversation …
Translate this conversation …
Ecoutez = listen to
Cette = this
Mentionnez un inconvénient.
Mention one disadvantage.
Find one mistake.
Mention the mistake.
Name one disadvantage.
Mentionnez = mention
Inconvénient = disadvantage
Ecoutez cette interview …
Perform an interview ...
Write an interview ...
Translate the interview ...
Listen to this interview ...
Ecoutez = listen to
Cette = this
Ecoutez ce reportage …
Listen to this report …
Listen to this speech …
Listen to this song …
Listen to this sentence …
Reportage = report
Ecoutez ce passage …
Write this sentence ...
Listen to this passage ...
Translate this phrase ...
Fill in the blanks ...
Ecoutez = listen to
Passage = passage
Mentionnez un avantage.
Give the average.
Mention one priority.
Mention one earlier event.
Mention one advantage.
Mentionnez = mention
Avantage = advantage
Mentionnez un aspect positif.
Describe one positive aspect.
Mention one correct statement.
Mention one positive aspect.
Give one good argument.
Mentionnez = mention
Aspect positif = positive aspect
C’est qui ? Ecrivez le nom de la bonne personne.
Who is it? Write the name of the correct person.
What is it? Write the name of the correct noun.
Who is it? Say the name of the correct person.
What is it? Write the correct word.
C’est qui ? = who is it?
Personne = person
Ecrivez = write
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Author:  Graeme Haw

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