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GCSE Fast French Quizzes

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Rapid Revision for Years 10 and 11 in Preparation for GCSE.

Fast and fun quizzes so you can practice all the French words you'll need to know for the exams. Most of the quizzes have a link at the bottom to the relevant BBC Bitesize page for extra revision.



If you are studying GCSE French then the more words you know, the better. These super-fast revision quizzes will show you all the words you are going to need for the all-important exams.

In each quiz we will give you example words either in English or in French and ask you to find the correct translation. It’s a quick and easy way to expose you to as many French words (and their meanings) as possible.

Our quizzes are split into groups depending on the type of words: verbs, nouns, adjectives etc. They are further divided by the topics described by the words. For example, Adjectives to Describe Places, Verbs Related to Education or French Greetings and Exclamations. This makes finding the words you want to revise that much easier.

Our quizzes make learning and revising French simple and enjoyable. They are fast to play and easy to understand. What’s more, you can play them when it suits you: on the bus, in the car or from the comfort of your own home.

Want to see just how quick our Fast French quizzes are? Give one a go. We’re sure you’ll enjoy learning and rapidly revising each area of the French language.

Bon chance!

Quiz Title Options
French High Speed Train Abbreviations Play
Colours of the Rainbow Adjectives - Colours Play
Gold, silver and bronze medals Adjectives - Comparisons and Amounts Play
Cloudy sky Adjectives - Useful to Know Play
Tired French girl Adjectives to Describe Issues Play
Friends laughing at film Adjectives to Describe Opinions 01 Play
Surreal picture of headless man Adjectives to Describe Opinions 02 Play
Happy old man Adjectives to Describe People 01 Play
Overcrowded French beach Adjectives to Describe Places 01 Play
A lot of balloons. Adverbs Play
French bus in Paris Adverbs Relating to Time 01 Play
Almost eight o'clock Adverbs Relating to Time 02 Play
Questions in French Conjunctions and Connectives Play
Horseshoe and four-leaf clover Greetings and Exclamations 01 Play
Attention! Instructions 01 Play
French girl writing Instructions 02 Play
French man listening Instructions 03 Play
Stewardess with 'Bon Voyage' sign Key Phrases Play
French jewellery Nouns - At Home Play
Paper fish French April Fool celebration Nouns - Customs and Festivals 01 Play
Engagement proposal Nouns - Family and Friends Play
A basket of mushrooms Nouns - Food and Drink 01 Play
Escargot Nouns - Food and Drink 02 Play
Renewable energy Nouns - Global Issues Play
French windsurfer Nouns - Leisure Play
A plumber Nouns - Occupations and Work Play
French countryside Nouns - Places 01 Play
French mountains Nouns - Places 02 Play
French zoo Nouns - Places and Travel Play
French bookshop Nouns - Places in Town Play
Rate good, bad or average to give opinion Nouns - Social Issues Play
Computer mouse Nouns - Technology Play
Girl doing French homework Nouns - Things Found in School Play
Lightning Nouns - Travel 01 Play
French scuba divers Nouns - Travel 02 Play
Colourful balls of wool Nouns - Useful to Know 01 Play
Fireworks Nouns - Useful to Know 02 Play
One hundred and eleven Numbers - One Hundred to One Million Play
Gold medal for first place Numbers - Ordinal Play
Number ninety-seven Numbers - Zero to One Hundred Play
French aeroplane above the clouds. Prepositions and Pronouns Play
French girl in the snow Verbs - Useful to Know 01 Play
French couple getting married Verbs - Useful to Know 02 Play
I dream of my own house Verbs Relating to Ambition Play
Happy teenage girl reading Verbs Relating to Education 01 Play
Incorrect answer to Maths question Verbs Relating to Education 02 Play
French girls arguing Verbs Relating to Global Issues Play
Cat hiding under bed Verbs Relating to Social Issues Play
French and British flags Verbs Relating to Travel 01 Play
French boy swimming Verbs Relating to Travel 02 Play

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