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One hundred and eleven
Cent onze - one hundred and eleven.

Numbers - One Hundred to One Million

What do ‘neuf cent treize’, ‘milliard’ and ‘quatre cent quatorze’ mean? How would you say, ‘two hundred’, ‘one thousand’ or ‘one hundred and eleven’?

Aged 14 to 16 and studying French? This rapid revision quiz was created to help you.

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You may already have mastered the French numbers below one hundred. If so, well done. Sometimes the larger numbers can seem a little daunting but, if you already know the lower ones, then learning the larger ones will be easy. They aren’t that different, as you will discover in this quiz. Have a go and revise the French numbers from one hundred to one million. You’ll be glad you did when the exams come along.

In each question you will be given a word or words in English. All you have to do is choose the French equivalent from the four choices offered.
Four hundred and fourteen
Quatre cent quinze
Quatre cent quarante
Quatre cent quarante-quatre
Quatre cent quatorze
Quatre cent quinze = four hundred and fifteen
Quatre cent quarante = four hundred and forty
Quatre cent quarante-quatre = four hundred and forty-four
Three hundred and thirty-three
Trois cent trente-trois
Trois cent trois
Trois cent trente
Trois cent trente-deux
Trois cent trois = three hundred and three
Trois cent trente = three hundred and thirty
Trois cent trente-deux = three hundred and thirty-two
Two hundred
Cent deux
Deux cents
Deux cent deux
Trois cents
Cent deux = one hundred and two
Deux cent deux = two hundred and two
Trois cents = three hundred
One hundred and eleven
Cent onze
Cent un
Cent vingt et un
Cent douze
Cent un = one hundred and one
Cent vingt et un = one hundred and twenty-one
Cent douze = one hundred and twelve
Six hundred and seventy-one
Six cent soixante et un
Six cent soixante et onze
Six cent seize
Six cent soixante
Six cent soixante et un = six hundred and sixty-one
Six cent seize = six hundred and sixteen
Six cent soixante = six hundred and sixty
Eight hundred and eighty-eight
Huit cent quatre-vingt-dix-huit
Huit cent quarante-huit
Huit cent soixante-dix-huit
Huit cent quatre-vingt-huit
Huit cent quatre-vingt-dix-huit = Eight hundred and ninety-eight
Huit cent quarante-huit = eight hundred and forty-eight
Huit cent soixante-dix-huit = eight hundred and seventy-eight
One thousand
Cent = one hundred
Million = one million
Milliard = one billion
Nine hundred and thirteen
Neuf cent trois
Neuf cent trente
Neuf cent treize
Neuf cent trente-trois
Neuf cent trois = nine hundred and three
Neuf cent trente = nine hundred and thirty
Neuf cent trente-trois = nine hundred and thirty-three
Five hundred and ninety-three
Cinq cent quatre-vingt-treize
Cinq cent quatre-vingt-trois
Cinq cent soixante-treize
Cinq cent soixante-trois
Cinq cent quatre-vingt-trois = five hundred and eighty-three
Cinq cent soixante-treize = five hundred and seventy-three
Cinq cent soixante-trois = five hundred and sixty-three
Seven hundred and thirty-four
Sept cent vingt-quatre
Sept cent quatorze
Sept cent trente-quatre
Sept cent quatre-vingt-quatre
Sept cent vingt-quatre = seven hundred and twenty-four
Sept cent quatorze = seven hundred and fourteen
Sept cent quatre-vingt-quatre = seven hundred and eighty-four
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Author:  Graeme Haw

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