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FACT: children love doing quizzes. They’re fun and make a welcome break from text-books.

Quiz Practice with Active Recall

But here’s the thing. Every time your child plays one of our quizzes, they will recall information they’ve already learned (it’s a formula called Active Recall – click here for the science). Doing quizzes makes students think.

The more they think, the more embedded the knowledge becomes.

The more embedded the knowledge, the easier it is for them to recall it on demand in an exam situation.

That’s why quizzes are the best practice to improve the exam performance and learning retention of your child.

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What Do The Experts Say?

Grandparents Help Educate Grandchildren

“Quick quizzes throughout the day can help student understanding of the concepts taught.” Sandra Romo writing in Education World

“The power of quizzing students extends far beyond simply measuring a learner’s knowledge state at a given moment in time. Quizzing, it turns out, provides a robust learning effect in and of itself.” Henry L. Roediger and Andrew C. Butler (Memory researchers)

There really is no better way to help your child and ease the pain and hassle of homework than with Education Quizzes.

Over 3,000 teacher-written quizzes following National Curriculum guidelines.

£9.99 per month or £49.99 per year.


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£9.99 per month or £49.99 per year.

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