Weather - Effects
Raining cats and dogs is an expression we use when it's raining heavily. Cats and dogs don't really fall from the sky!

Weather - Effects

This quiz addresses part of the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2 in Geography. Specifically it looks at the effects of different types of weather. It is one of 50 quizzes to help you understand the world around you.

In this quiz you will be told what the weather is like. You have to choose the effects the different types of weather will have on the world around us.

The weather overlaps science and geography. There are more questions about the weather and recording the weather at Key Stage 1 in the KS1 Science section, under Seasons and Weather.

The weather is showery.
It has been raining all day
You can hardly see where you are going
It keeps raining for ten minutes, and then it brightens up
The rain has never let up
Why do people carry umbrellas?
The weather is quiet.
There is no wind, a few clouds and it is fine
The rain isn’t making a noise
There is no thunder and lightning
You can hear the wind in the trees
What sort of weather do you like best?
The weather is hot.
People are sweating in the sunshine
It is cool and breezy
It is warm but breezy
People are wrapping up warm
What do you like to do on a hot, sunny day?
The weather is mild.
It is just nice and warm, with no wind
It is cool and the trees are being blown about
Sam has gone out to play. He has wrapped up warm
Water is turning into ice
What does the word mild mean?
The weather is thundery.
It is very mild and calm
There are just a few white clouds in the sky
There is a beautiful blue sky
There is a flash of lightning and a roar of thunder
You see the lightning before you hear its thunder
The weather is wet.
The rain gauge is empty
The roads and pavements are dry
It has been raining cats and dogs
It has been fine all day
It doesn’t really rain cats and dogs!
The weather is very windy.
Trees are being blown over
Leaves are gently moving in the breeze
Nothing is stirring
Everything is quiet
It can be very dangerous in very windy weather
The weather is freezing.
It is bitterly cold
It is warm and pleasant
It is a glorious, hot day
It is cool and chilly
What do you wear when it is very cold?
The weather is breezy.
Branches have been blown off trees
Nothing is moving
Everything is quiet
Branches are waving gently in the wind
Showery days are often bright and breezy
The weather is foggy.
Drivers cannot see where they are going, even with their lights on
It is a little bit misty
There is a lot of cloud in the sky
It is blowing a gale
Thick fogs are sometimes called ‘pea-soupers’
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Weather and seasons

Author:  David Bland

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