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KS1 Vocabulary Age 6 Quizzes

Child reading dictionary

Enjoyable online practice of Key Stage 1 for children aged 6

Fast and fun quizzes so you can practice the definitions of the most common words in English



As you progress through school you will come across more and more words. Some of these may be confusing at first. What do they mean? One way to find out is to look them up in a dictionary. Our fast and fun vocabulary quizzes save you from having to do that. Each one shows you the meaning of a word and gives you an example of how it might be used in a sentence.

The words we have chosen for these quizzes are methodically chosen. We have done extensive research to find out which words are used the most often in written English and we have arranged them in order of popularity. These words for children aged 6 are the second most popular group (you’ll find the most popular ones in our KS1 Vocabulary Age 5 section).

The quizzes are easy to play. In each question we give you the meaning of a word and then a choice of four possible answers. All you have to do is choose which of the four words matches the definition. It’s a great way to learn whilst having fun. And if you find any words you don’t already know then you can play the quiz as many times as you like until the meanings are embedded in your mind.

In this section there are 15 quizzes on adjectives, 39 on nouns, and 22 on verbs. These are the four main types of words and you can quickly find which ones you want to learn by scrolling down to the relevant section. Why not have a go? We’re confident you will have fun learning with Education Quizzes.

Quiz Title Options
Child eating strawberries Adjectives 01 (Age 6) - Including excellent and proper Play
Child blowing her nose Adjectives 02 (Age 6) - Including formal and famous Play
Child shielding his eyes from bright light Adjectives 03 (Age 6) - Including suitable and sufficient Play
Child eating chocolate ice-cream Adjectives 04 (Age 6) - Including historical and academic Play
Child holding toy spider Adjectives 05 (Age 6) - Including maximum and principal Play
Children on funfair ride Adjectives 06 (Age 6) - Including vital and capable Play
Happy child jumping in front of the pyramids Adjectives 07 (Age 6) - Including typical and rare Play
Child enjoying their birthday Adjectives 08 (Age 6) - Including crucial and minor Play
Child and teacher making clay pot Adjectives 09 (Age 6) - Including permanent and plastic Play
Child drinking a mug of tea Adjectives 10 (Age 6) - Including sudden and stable Play
Children sat beside smooth lake Adjectives 11 (Age 6) - Including angry and alive Play
Child learning Italian words Adjectives 12 (Age 6) - Including friendly and lucky Play
Child holding handful of coins Adjectives 13 (Age 6) - Including pale and glad Play
Old cottage on rough track Adjectives 14 (Age 6) - Including classic and false Play
The word dictionary shown in a dictionary Adjectives 15 (Age 6) - Including comprehensive and calm Play
A fairytale forest at night Nouns 01 (Age 6) - Including explanation and construction Play
Leeds Castle in Kent Nouns 02 (Age 6) - Including selection and signal Play
The Lake District Nouns 03 (Age 6) - Including asset and victory Play
Child having temperature taken by nurse Nouns 04 (Age 6) - Including examination and security Play
Child choosing oranges and lemons Nouns 05 (Age 6) - Including phase and flight Play
A knight holding a sword Nouns 06 (Age 6) - Including weapon and weather Play
A teacher taking class register Nouns 07 (Age 6) - Including sequence and settlement Play
Child reading a map Nouns 08 (Age 6) - Including pleasure and pool Play
Child goalkeeper making save Nouns 09 (Age 6) - Including prospect and theme Play
Young family crossing old wooden bridge Nouns 10 (Age 6) - Including lunch and location Play
Child playing the trombone Nouns 11 (Age 6) - Including smell and noise Play
Child helping in garden with a spade Nouns 12 (Age 6) - Including tooth and tool Play
Child holding injured bird Nouns 13 (Age 6) - Including winner and wing Play
Village beside a hill Nouns 14 (Age 6) - Including passage and pocket Play
Child eating an apple Nouns 15 (Age 6) - Including distinction and device Play
Child on motor boat Nouns 16 (Age 6) - Including curriculum and curve Play
Children making jewellery Nouns 17 (Age 6) - Including index and panel Play
Child playing on slide Nouns 18 (Age 6) - Including ticket and trend Play
Nouns 19 (Age 6) - Including notion and nose Nouns 19 (Age 6) - Including notion and nose Play
Child tying parcel with string Nouns 20 (Age 6) - Including lesson and draft Play
Child wearing furry hooded coat Nouns 21 (Age 6) - Including vision and desk Play
Child kissing her puppy Nouns 22 (Age 6) - Including theatre and honour Play
Child with full marks in test Nouns 23 (Age 6) - Including preparation and ease Play
Nouns 24 (Age 6) - Including coach and reward Nouns 24 (Age 6) - Including coach and reward Play
Children practicing martial arts Nouns 25 (Age 6) - Including assistance and welfare Play
Child covering ears to shut out noise Nouns 26 (Age 6) - Including depth and hearing Play
Child playing with toy dinosaur Nouns 27 (Age 6) - Including framework and museum Play
Child playing the piano Nouns 28 (Age 6) - Including pace and profession Play
Class of children with raised hands Nouns 29 (Age 6) - Including muscle and habit Play
Stream in a garden Nouns 30 (Age 6) - Including partnership and pitch Play
Child reaching for chocolate cake Nouns 31 (Age 6) - Including presentation and wealth Play
Children in classroom Nouns 32 (Age 6) - Including mirror and self Play
Cracked ancient vase Nouns 33 (Age 6) - Including bread and brush Play
Grumpy child holding alarm clock Nouns 34 (Age 6) - Including qualification and lecture Play
Child learning the violin Nouns 35 (Age 6) - Including paragraph and assembly Play
Child in smart green shirt Nouns 36 (Age 6) - Including plot and permission Play
Child in school uniform Nouns 37 (Age 6) - Including uniform and bowl Play
Children playing indoors Nouns 38 (Age 6) - Including desert and disaster Play
Child and parents on big wheel Nouns 39 (Age 6) - Including captain and curtain Play
Dogs running on beach Verbs 01 (Age 6) - Including search and sleep Play
Child posting a letter Verbs 02 (Age 6) - Including post and promise Play
Children playing chess Verbs 03 (Age 6) - Including examine and debate Play
Child playing with a puppy Verbs 04 (Age 6) - Including teach and trust Play
Watch being repaired Verbs 05 (Age 6) - Including advance and imagine Play
Children learning archery Verbs 06 (Age 6) - Including collect and conduct Play
Verbs 07 (Age 6) - Including count and observe Verbs 07 (Age 6) - Including count and observe Play
Child opening Christmas presents Verbs 08 (Age 6) - Including arrange and acquire Play
Child riding a horse Verbs 09 (Age 6) - Including tape and select Play
Child reading books Verbs 10 (Age 6) - Including assess and consist Play
Once upon a time written in notebook Verbs 11 (Age 6) - Including print and recall Play
Children in PE class Verbs 12 (Age 6) - Including belong and combine Play
Children hiding under bed Verbs 13 (Age 6) - Including delay and conclude Play
Children building a sandcastle Verbs 14 (Age 6) - Including illustrate and investigate Play
Child playing guitar and singing in shower Verbs 15 (Age 6) - Including permit and advise Play
Child knocking on door at Halloween Verbs 16 (Age 6) - Including earn and remind Play
Child hanging decorations on wall Verbs 17 (Age 6) - Including inform and import Play
Parent and child exploring ruins Verbs 18 (Age 6) - Including expand and explore Play
Children and mother in a hurry Verbs 19 (Age 6) - Including relax and rush Play
A jar of jelly beans Verbs 20 (Age 6) - Including guess and guard Play
Mediaeval soldiers with armour and shields Verbs 21 (Age 6) - Including resolve and repair Play
Snail climbing a wall Verbs 22 (Age 6) - Including interpret and inch Play

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