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Ah, Art and Design. The two go together like Disney films and Sunday afternoons. Students studying Art and Design can uncover a world of creativity. Whether you want to discover the language of Art or perhaps learn more about famous sculptures, our KS2 Art and Design quizzes are ready to teach you all about the world of creation.

We feature all the key information from the National Curriculum and we make sure you have the chance to feel confident in your creative ways.

We teach the core stuff in a way that makes learning fun! Think about it - would you rather learn about the great artists and designers from history by reading a textbook or by playing an interactive quiz? Quizzes always win in our eyes. Our big, heart-shaped, quiz-loving eyes...

You’ll be thrilled when you’ve mastered our Art and Design quizzes. With important knowledge in tow, you can take the practical skills you’ve learned and apply them to your own artwork. And we all know that means the dawn of some new masterpieces! (Let’s hope the art galleries have some space, we’re expecting some fantastic creations from all of you!)

Revising Art and Design can help keep the skills and facts fresh in your mind, ready for your classroom work. And let’s not forget, the skills you learn in this subject can also be used in other areas of your education: any time you need to draw up a storyboard or do an illustration to go alongside a story, you’ll be well equipped!

Remember, we teach all this curriculum material through our quick-fire quizzes. It’s a whole new way to revise Art and Design! We’re calling the National Gallery now to make sure they have spaces for all the new masterpieces coming their way...

Paintbrushes at the ready, boys and girls. We’re about to get creative.

Fancy an informative read about this curriculum in general? Follow our Key Stage 2 (KS2) - The Basics link.

Quiz Title Options
The Language of Art The Language of Art Play
Great Artists and Designers 1 Great Artists and Designers 1 Play
Great Artists and Designers 2 Great Artists and Designers 2 Play
Techniques Techniques Play
Using a Sketch Book Using a Sketch Book Play
Drawing Drawing Play
Painting Painting Play
Sculpture Sculpture Play
Materials Materials Play
Experimentation Experimentation Play

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