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Adjectives 01
There are many ways to describe bananas!

Adjectives 01

Quiz about using Describing Words

This KS2 English quiz will test your skills on adjectives. Adjectives are often called 'describing words' because they are used to describe other words (usually nouns). Adjectives make our writing more descriptive: an 'old, rotten banana' is not the same as 'a banana' or a 'delicious, ripe banana'.

When you begin to use adjectives, it will enhance not just your writing but also your speech. Adjectives can turn an ordinary sentence into something much more interesting and will make the reader want to read more. Next time you write a piece of writing, whether it’s a story, poem or even a diary entry, use a few adjectives to bring your words to life!

See how well you understand adjectives by trying this quiz.

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Find the adjectives in the sentence.
Children often prefer sweet food to savoury.
Children, often
prefer, food
often, to
sweet, savoury
'Sweet' and 'savoury' both describe food in this sentence.
Find the adjectives in the sentence.
The tattered blue dress hung on the abandoned washing-line.
The, blue, on
tattered, blue, abandoned
dress, hung, washing-line
on, the, abandoned
Adjectives are useful for making sentences vivid - we can imagine the 'tattered blue dress' and the 'abandoned washing-line' more easily than we can imagine a 'dress on a washing-line'.
Find the adjectives in the sentence.
The sound of the drill was terribly loud.
'Loud' describes the sound. 'Terribly' is an adverb and tells us HOW loud the sound is. If the sound was 'terrible and loud', both 'terrible' and 'loud' would be adjectives.
Find the adjectives in the sentence.
The Queen lived in a grand palace.
'Grand' describes the palace - other adjectives which would make sense include: 'dilapidated', 'new', or 'tiny'.
Find the adjectives in the sentence.
The plant began to look brown and shrivelled after weeks without water.
plant, look
began, weeks
brown, shrivelled
after, without
'Brown' and 'shrivelled' describe the plant.
Find the adjectives in the sentence.
They wanted sunny weather for an enjoyable picnic.
They, wanted
wanted, weather
sunny, enjoyable
for, picnic
'Sunny' describes the weather and 'enjoyable' describes the picnic.
Find the adjectives in the sentence.
The forest was dark and spooky.
The, was
forest, spooky
was, and
dark, spooky
'Dark' and 'spooky' describe the forest.
Find the adjectives in the sentence.
The shiny, new car drove slowly down the quiet street.
The, car, down
shiny, drove, street
new, slowly, street
shiny, new, quiet
'Shiny' and 'new' describe the car, while 'quiet' describes the street.
Find the adjectives in the sentence.
The frightened little dog couldn't stop shivering.
frightened, little
little, dog
couldn't, shivering
stop, shivering
'Frightened' and 'little' both describe the dog.
Find the adjectives in the sentence.
The old cat paused to lick its sticky paws.
old, sticky
cat, paws
The, lick
paused, paws
'Old' describes the cat and 'sticky' describes the cat's paws.
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Using adjectives

Author:  Sheri Smith

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