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Nouns 01
Paris is a proper noun and needs a capital letter.

Nouns 01

Let's dive into a cool KS2 English quiz about nouns! Nouns are special words for people, places, or things. Proper nouns have capital letters, like Paris, John, or Australia. If it goes with 'the' or 'a', like 'the apple' or 'a tree', it's a noun. Nouns can also belong to someone or something, like 'the dog's collar' or 'my headache'.

In almost every sentence, there's at least one noun. You might know some from KS1, but let's spot them in this KS2 quiz. If you ace it, you're becoming a noun expert!

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Find the nouns in the sentence.
Give the dirty cups and glasses to Bill.
Give, dirty, glasses
Give, cups, Bill
dirty, cups, glasses
cups, glasses, Bill
'Dirty' is an adjective.
Find the nouns in the sentence.
Cardiff is the capital of Wales.
Cardiff, the, of
Cardiff, capital, Wales
is, the, of
the, capital, of
Cardiff and Wales are both proper nouns because they are the names of places. Proper nouns always begin with a capital letter.
Find the nouns in the sentence.
The group decided to create a presentation about South Africa.
The, decided, create
decided, presentation, about
group, create, South Africa
group, presentation, South Africa
'Group' is an example of a collective noun - it is singular although it represents a collection. You know that it's a noun because you can say 'the group' or 'a group'.
Find the nouns in the sentence.
The dog chased the cat up a tree.
The, chased, up
dog, cat, tree
chased, cat, a
cat, up, tree
'Chased' is a verb.
Find the nouns in the sentence.
The audience gave a round of applause.
The, gave, round
audience, gave, of
audience, round, applause
gave, a, of
This one's tricky! 'The audience' and 'a round' are obviously nouns because they go with the words 'the' and 'a'. 'Applause' can also be used with the word 'the' - 'The applause was deafening'.
Find the nouns in the sentence.
Nathan took the train to Durham.
Nathan, took, train
Nathan, train, Durham
took, train, to
the, train, Durham
Remember to capitalise proper nouns.
Find the nouns in the sentence.
The cupboard was filled with packets of flour.
The, was, with
cupboard, with, of
cupboard, packets, flour
filled, with, of
Cupboard, packets and flour are concrete objects - they can be seen and touched.
Find the nouns in the sentence.
The children in the classroom were very quiet during the exam.
children, classroom, exam
children, quiet, exam
the, very, during
very, quiet, during
'Quiet' is an adjective in this sentence (quiet children). In this sentence, however, 'quiet' is a noun: 'I just want some peace and quiet!'
Find the nouns in the sentence.
Looking out of the window, Anna saw the first snowflakes fall.
Looking, window, first
out, saw, fall
window, Anna, snowflakes
Anna, first, snowflakes
'Fall' is a verb.
Find the nouns in the sentence.
The man put the hammer on the table.
The, put, table
man, the, on
man, hammer, table
put, the, the
'On' is a preposition.


Author:  Sheri Smith

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