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Verbs 02
The dog ate the meat.

Verbs 02

Welcome back to another KS2 English quiz all about verbs – the action words! This time, let's explore how verbs can change with time. If you've mastered our first verb quiz, you're ready for the next level.

To find verbs, think about time – what's happening now, what happened before, and what will happen in the future? Play this quiz to become a time-travelling verb expert! If you haven't tried our first quiz, give it a go and then tackle this one for a complete verb adventure.

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Find the verbs in the sentence.
She closed her eyes and made a wish.
closed, made
closed, wish
her, and
eyes, wish
'Wish' is a noun here - you can tell because it is 'a wish'. If the sentence said 'She closed her eyes and wished for a new bike', then 'wished' would be a verb.
Find the verbs in the sentence.
She runs very fast, but I think I am faster.
She, runs, think
runs, think, am
very, but, am
fast, I, faster
She runs, I think, I am - there are lots of verbs in this sentence!
Find the verbs in the sentence.
My mother seemed tired after everyone left the party.
mother, seemed
seemed, tired
seemed, left
after, party
'Seemed' is a 'being' verb.
Find the verbs in the sentence.
By the time I remembered my coffee, it was already cold.
By, it
time, was
remembered, coffee
remembered, was
'Remembered' is a 'doing' verb, while 'was' is a 'being' verb.
Find the verbs in the sentence.
We ordered pepperoni pizza because he said it was his favourite.
ordered, because, said
ordered, said, was
pizza, said, his
because, it, his
What is your favourite pizza?
Find the verbs in the sentence.
The ambulance raced through the traffic, while other cars moved quickly from its path.
ambulance, while
raced, through
raced, moved
traffic, quickly
'Raced' and 'moved' are both doing verbs.
Find the verbs in the sentence.
The kitten tried to catch the mouse, but he was too slow.
tried, to catch, was
catch, mouse, was
catch, was, too
mouse, he, slow
'To catch' is an infinitive. Infinitives can be used with other verbs - she caught, she tried to catch; he ran, he wanted to run; we went, we loved to go; etc.
Find the verbs in the sentence.
He went into the shop for a newspaper while we waited patiently outside.
went, shop
went, waited
shop, waited
while, outside
The word 'patiently' is an adverb describing how we waited.
Find the verbs in the sentence.
Mrs. Miller read the book to her class while everyone paid attention.
read, class
read, paid
book, while
while, attention
Remember to think about changing the tense in the sentence to help you spot the verbs.
Find the verbs in the sentence.
The flowers nodded in the whispering breeze.
flowers, nodded
nodded, whispering
whispering, breeze
This is a tricky one! If the breeze whispered, then 'whispered' would be the verb. Here 'whispering' is describing the noun (breeze), so it is a 'describing word', which, you will know, is an adjective.


Author:  Sheri Smith

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