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Changes to the Environment 2
We can help reduce the amount of rubbish that goes to landfill by recycling.

Changes to the Environment 2

One of the topics covered in KS2 Geography is the physical or chemical disturbances, rather than the ecological processes, which cause change to the environment. This is the second of two quizzes specifically looking at this subject in order to increase a child's understanding of the matter.

Change to the environment is caused by natural ecological processes, but this quiz is more concerned with the change caused by the activities of humans. What can we do to repair any damage we have made by changing the environment? And what are the purposes for doing so?

Play this quiz and discover more about the changes caused to the environment, not by ecological processes, but by man.

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What can the owners of quarries do to improve the environment once they finish extracting stone?
Give local people jobs
Create a new nature reserve
Nothing, just leave the land as it is
Build a supermarket
The damage done to the environment by the quarry can be put right by creating a nature reserve
If there is a water shortage what can we do to improve the situation?
Not use hosepipes
Always turn taps off
Use washing up water to water the garden
All of these
By using less water we can help improve the situation
Landfill sites are not good for the environment. What alternative is there to dispose of non-recyclable rubbish?
Put in the sea
Send it to outer space
No alternative
Incineration is when rubbish is burned. We can use this to create energy - but it does cause air pollution
How can we help reduce the amount of rubbish that goes to landfill?
Don’t throw things away
Burn our rubbish
We can’t do anything
Recycling is just one way we can also reuse and reduce
How can ordinary people reduce pollution in our rivers?
Do not throw things in the river
Do not use hosepipes
We can’t do anything
Some people throw rubbish such as supermarket trolleys and tyres into rivers. Not only is this pollution but it could make flooding worse
When a building is knocked down leaving land with no plants what is it called?
Green land
Brown land
Scrub land
No man’s land
We find most brown land in towns and cities
What can be done to improve brown land?
Plant trees
Build a factory
Build a quarry
The trees will make the land green again
Which land is the best choice for a new shopping centre?
Open field
A forest
Brown land
The park
It is better to build on brown land than green - that way less damage is done to the environment
When a new bypass is going to be built that destroys lots of habitats, what can people do to stop it?
Get up a petition
Write to their local council
All of these
Protests, petitions and letters to councils and the government are ways in which we can influence politicians' decisions
Who looks after your local environment?
No one
Factory owners
Local council
Buildings and developments have to be approved by councils before they are allowed to go ahead
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Sustainability

Author:  Amanda Swift

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