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Key Stage 2 Geography

KS2 Geography Illustration – Hand Holding a Globe

Interactive Learning for KS2 Geography

Discover why quizzes are such an enjoyable way to learn and revise the KS2 subjects taught at primary school. This teaching resource has a range of varied and interesting topics to engage children aged seven to eleven.

Subjects for Geography

The 21 quizzes in this section have clickable links below. Each quiz contains 10 questions, answers and helpful hints for Key Stage 2 Geography. Quizzes have titles that describe the subject and each one aligns with the KS2 National Curriculum for children aged 7 to 11 in Years 3 to 6.

What makes Geography an interesting topic? We’re delighted you asked.

Gushing rivers, loud traffic, rich cultures and magnificent maps; every explorer will love uncovering the world of Geography. With our quizzes, you can learn key information about all the topics covered in the KS2 National Curriculum - in a way that you will enjoy!

You, my friends, are now explorers. Backpacks on and maps in hand, you’re ready to face an expedition to discover the secrets of our world. Pretty exciting, don’t you think? We’ll take you up breathtaking mountains, show you different places in the world and discover what it’s like to live there. From the largest desert to the longest river, you can trust us to give you a thorough and captivating tour of our planet. The best part is you can do it all from where you’re sitting right now. Whether it’s the sofa, a chair or the toilet, you can complete our Geography quizzes from anywhere you fancy. The world is at your fingertips.

Forget those tedious textbooks. Dive into our quizzes and see for yourself how fun learning can be! With a sound understanding of Geography, you’ll grasp a greater appreciation of this bizarre and beautiful planet we live on and discover some amazing facts you can share with family and friends.

We’re exploring the world. Want to join us?

Our Key Stage 2 Explained will take you through the KS2 curriculum.

Quiz Title Options
Britain Britain Play
Changes to the Environment 1 Changes to the Environment 1 Play
Changes to the Environment 2 Changes to the Environment 2 Play
Climate Climate Play
Coasts Coasts Play
Environment Issues Environment Issues Play
Europe Europe Play
India India Play
Map Skills 1 Map Skills 1 Play
Map Skills 2 Map Skills 2 Play
Mountains Mountains Play
Places 1 Places 1 Play
Places 2 Places 2 Play
Recycling Recycling Play
Rivers Rivers Play
Settlements 1 Settlements 1 Play
Settlements 2 Settlements 2 Play
The World The World Play
Traffic Traffic Play
Water Water Play
Weather Weather Play

Fascinating KS2 Geography Quizzes

Watch the video to get an introduction to the wonderful and varied topics you will need to learn and revise for KS2 geography.

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