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Places 2
You are most likely to find an airport near a city.

Places 2

In KS2 geography children will look at different places around the world, comparing their different characteristics such as population size or climate. This is quite a large topic and so this is the second of two quizzes on the subject.

Places are areas in the world. When we study them we learn about their climate, population, economic activities, culture and many other things. Learning about other countries and how they are similar or different to ours teaches us how other people live. It gives us a greater understanding of the human race. We might even learn something useful for ourselves.

Let's take a look at some of the different types of climate, industry and way of life found in places around the world.

Which of these features of a place would not encourage tourists?
Factories are more likely to discourage tourists than attract them
If you were to compare land use in a developing country compared to a developed country what would you find?
The developed country would have more industrial land
The developing country would have more industrial land
The developing country would have more land with homes built on it
The developed country would have the least amount of buildings
Industry in the developing country has not yet reached its full potential
Where are you most likely to find an airport?
Near a city
On top of a mountain
In a small village
On the moors
Airports are close to cities as they are the places more people want to visit
What often causes crops to fail in hot, dry countries?
Without water crops die and this can sometimes lead to people starving in less developed countries
What of these might determine the type of home people live in?
The climate
The availability of land
How permanent the home is
All of these
There are many factors which determine the types of houses that people can build
What type of work do most people do in developing countries?
Factory work
Office work
Shop work
Factories and offices are rare in developing countries
Which of these features could appear in a landscape?
All of these
Trees, lakes and mountains are all natural features of a landscape, rather than manmade
What determines the materials a house is built of?
The number of people going to live in the house
The age of the builder
Local resources available
How many rooms the house will have
It is easiest and cheapest to build with local materials such as wood, mud, stone etc
What is an economically developing country?
A country with lots of industry
A country that is just developing industrially
A country with lots of mountains
A small country
An economically developed country, like the UK, has a lot of industry
Which of these features is not man made?
Canals are similar to rivers but they have been built by men to carry boats and ships


Author:  Amanda Swift

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