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Children during World War II
Potato Pete encouraged people to eat potatoes.

Children during World War II

In KS2 history children will be taught about what life was like in Britain for children at different times in history. This is the first of two quizzes on that subject and it looks at life for children, including evacuees, during World War Two.

Many children during World War Two became evacuees. The evacuation of British children was known as Operation Pied Piper and began on the 1st of September 1939. Children, thought to be at risk from German air raids, were removed from Britain's cities an relocated in the countryside. It officially relocated more than 3.5 million people - 3 million of them in the first four days. Most had no idea of where they were going, let alone when they would be coming back. But those who stayed in the cities were at risk from German bombs and also faced a shortage of food, clothes and even toys.

What was life like for evacuees and other children during World War Two? Find out by playing this quiz.

What happened during the blackout?
No one could go out
Children would hide
All street lights were turned off
All street lights were turned on
Black curtains were hung at the windows to stop light being seen outside
The homes that evacuees moved to were called what?
Historically billets were places that soldiers were sent to sleep, but during the evacuation children were billeted
Where were evacuees sent?
The countryside
The enemy were unlikely to bomb villages and hamlets. They wanted to destroy factories and to hurt a lot of people so cities were a much better target
What was in a ration book?
Shopping lists
Cooking tips
These coupons could be exchanged for different things - sugar, fruit or clothing for example
Why were there not many new toys made during the war?
Children didn't play with toys during the war
All the toymakers were fighting in the war
No one had any money to buy toys
Toy factories were making equipment for the war
Toy factories were now making guns and other war equipment so there was a shortage of new toys. Instead, children swapped old toys at 'toy-exchanges'. There were some toys made during the war but they were made of paper or card, because wood and metal were both needed
During the war children had to carry what?
Gas masks
Mobile phones
Poison gas had been used by both sides in World War One so it was feared that gas might be dropped on civilians by German aeroplanes. This never happened but gas masks were carried just in case
Why did they have the blackout?
It was a game
It was to celebrate the end of the war
To listen to the radio
So enemy 'planes could not see any lights
In the dark pilots would look for signs that a city was below them. Lights would have been a very big clue!
What were evacuees?
Special soldiers
A type of air raid shelter
Children who left their homes during the war
Children whose homes were destroyed in the war
Children were evacuated from the cities where enemy bombs targeted
Which character encouraged people to eat potatoes?
Potato Pete
Doctor Potato
Potato Paul
Potatoes were easy to grow in Britain and were used instead of fat and flour in puddings and cakes during the war. Potato water was also used as to make soup
What was rationing?
Cleaning your gas mask
Coming home after evacuation
It shared out food so that everyone got a share
Getting into the air raid shelter
There was a shortage of some types of food during the war so they had to be shared out fairly so that everyone got a little bit


Author:  Amanda Swift

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