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Historic ruins in Greece35 Enjoyable Quizzes for Children Aged 7 to 11

Every thread of History has its own stories. Every country, every person, every era, every culture. Millions of stories, all making up our illustrious* past. The obvious question is - where do we start? Learning KS2 History is your chance to learn more about the people and stories that came before you. You’ll be thrilled to know the National Curriculum picks out some of the best stories for you to study.

They did all the boring digging, so you get to learn the most interesting stuff!

Check out the links at the bottom of the quizzes to find out more from the relevant BBC Bitesize page.

*It’s a fancy word for respected and admired. We’re trying to keep in with the tone of all the Kings and Queens, if you don’t mind.

You can leave your dull textbooks at home because we’re going to discover the Aztecs, the Romans, the Tudors and the Vikings in a way that you’ll love. We’ll follow all those stories and more through our revision quizzes, where you can build an impressive understanding of all the empires and traditions that were established well before your head popped into the world.

“Why do we have to know about History? It’s already happened!” we hear you wail.

Listen up, little squids. The future and our history are more closely related than you might realise. How do you think we built the foundations for law and politics and all that other important stuff? The more we know about the people who lived before us, the more tools we have to build a better life now. Besides, learning about mummies and ancient inventions is fascinating...

Join us on our quest for stories. We’re going to follow some of the most breathtaking and shocking historical events that have ever happened. We’ll look closely at amazing cultures and see how the human race changed over generations. Like the biggest movie ever.

Are you paying attention? This is going to be good...

Discover all there is to know about KS2 by taking a few minutes to read Key Stage 2 Curriculum.

Quiz Title Options
Ancient Egypt - Everyday Life Ancient Egypt - Everyday Life Play
Ancient Greece Ancient Greece Play
Ancient Greece - Everyday Life Ancient Greece - Everyday Life Play
Ancient Greek Inventions Ancient Greek Inventions Play
Ancient Sumer Ancient Sumer Play
Anglo Saxon Invaders Anglo Saxon Invaders Play
Anglo Saxons - Everyday Life Anglo Saxons - Everyday Life Play
Anglo Saxons - Religion Anglo Saxons - Religion Play
Anglo Saxons in Britain Anglo Saxons in Britain Play
Assyrian Empire Assyrian Empire Play
Aztecs Aztecs Play
Aztecs 2 Aztecs 2 Play
Benin Benin Play
Children during World War II Children during World War II Play
Children in Victorian Times Children in Victorian Times Play
Indus Valley Indus Valley Play
Inventions since 1930 Inventions since 1930 Play
Investigating History Investigating History Play
Maya Maya Play
Pyramids and Mummies Pyramids and Mummies Play
Roman Army Roman Army Play
Romans - Everyday Life Romans - Everyday Life Play
Romans - Religion Romans - Religion Play
Romans in Britain Romans in Britain Play
Timelines Timelines Play
Tudor Explorers Tudor Explorers Play
Tudor Kings and Queens Tudor Kings and Queens Play
Tudors - Everyday Life Tudors - Everyday Life Play
Victorian - Everyday Life Victorian - Everyday Life Play
Victorian Inventions Victorian Inventions Play
Viking Explorers Viking Explorers Play
Vikings - Everyday Life Vikings - Everyday Life Play
Vikings - Religion Vikings - Religion Play
Vikings in Britain Vikings in Britain Play
World War II World War II Play
Practice - Chronological Understanding - 01 Play
Practice - Chronological Understanding - 02 Play
Practice - Chronological Understanding - 03 Play
Practice - Chronological Understanding - 04 Play
Practice - Chronological Understanding - 05 Play
Practice - Chronological Understanding - 06 Play
Practice - Chronological Understanding - 07 Play
Practice - Chronological Understanding - 08 Play
Practice - Chronological Understanding - 09 Play
Practice - Chronological Understanding - 10 Play
Practice - Prehistory and Ancient Civilisations - 01 Play
Practice - Prehistory and Ancient Civilisations - 02 Play
Practice - Prehistory and Ancient Civilisations - 03 Play
Practice - Prehistory and Ancient Civilisations - 04 Play
Practice - Prehistory and Ancient Civilisations - 05 Play
Practice - Prehistory and Ancient Civilisations - 06 Play
Practice - Prehistory and Ancient Civilisations - 07 Play
Practice - Prehistory and Ancient Civilisations - 08 Play
Practice - Prehistory and Ancient Civilisations - 09 Play
Practice - Prehistory and Ancient Civilisations - 10 Play

KS2 History Revision Quizzes

Click to watch our introductory video about the topics you will need to know about for KS2 history. You will find some fascinating facts!

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