World War II
Britain declared war on Germany because Germany invaded Poland.

World War II

The Second World War, or World War II, is one of the topics looked at in KS2 history. Children will be taught when the Second World War occurred, the circumstances which brought it about and who were the participants, as well as some other aspects of the conflict.

World War II, or the Second World War, was the second war involving many participants, including the UK. It was the most widespread war in history, with more than 100 million people serving in military units. But what were the circumstances which brought it about? Germany was ruined by its defeat in World War I and this led to the rise of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party. Hitler wanted to conquer the neighbouring lands and this brought about World War II. Between 50 to 70 million people were killed in the war and it is the only conflict in which nuclear weapons have been used.

What do you know about World War II? Who were the participants and what were the circumstances that brought it about? Find out in this quiz.

Which of these countries was an ally (friend) of Britain?
At the start of the war Britain and France were at war with Germany and Italy
Which people were put in concentration camps?
6 million Jews died and this is now known as the Holocaust
How long did World War II last?
6 months
4 years
6 years
10 years
When it began people thought it would only last 6 weeks
When did World War II begin?
There were twenty-one years of peace between the two World Wars
Who wrote in her diary about hiding from the Nazis?
Anne Frank
Mary Frank
Ann Foster
Lucy Foster
Anne died in a concentration camp aged 15
What type of air raid shelter was kept in the house?
Anderson shelter
Williamson shelter
Morrison shelter
Public shelter
Morrison shelters were designed for houses without cellars
What year did World War I end?
At first this was called the Great War and was supposed to have been the war to end all wars
How did people know there was an air raid?
They heard the bombs drop
There were announcements on TV
They would see the enemy planes
Sirens warned of coming attacks
When people heard the sirens they headed for the nearest shelter
Who ruled Germany at the time?
Kaiser Wilhelm
Otto von Bismarck
Adolf Hitler
Winston Churchill
Hitler came to power in 1933 and ruled until his death in 1945
Why did Britain declare war on Germany?
Germany invaded Britain
Britain wanted to rule all Europe
Germany invaded France
Germany invaded Poland
Britain had already promised to defend Poland if it was attacked


Author:  Amanda Swift

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