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Practice - Prehistory and Ancient Civilisations - 03

Hello young historians! Ready to time-travel back to the Bronze Age? This interactive quiz will take you on an exciting journey through history. We'll test your knowledge about this fascinating era – a time before written history. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for this unforgettable adventure, where you'll learn some amazing facts. Good luck!
What age preceded the Bronze Age?
Iron Age
Stone Age
Silver Age
Gold Age
The Stone Age came before the Bronze Age. Stone was the material majorly used during the Stone Age.
How did Bronze Age people travel long distances?
By car
By train
By boat
By bicycle
Boats were commonly used by the Bronze Age people for long-distance travel and trading.
What material was commonly used in the Bronze Age?
The Bronze Age gets its name from the widespread use of bronze to make tools and weapons.
What tool-making technique was used in the Bronze Age?
Metal casting
3-D printing
Nuts and bolts
Metal casting was the primary technique employed in the Bronze Age to make tools and other objects.
What did Bronze Age people trade in addition to bronze items?
Wool and textiles
Stocks and shares
Cash and cheques
None of the above
The Bronze Age people were known to trade wool and textiles in addition to bronze items.
Which metal, combined with copper, produces bronze?
Bronze, which gives its name to the Bronze Age, is an alloy made primarily of copper and tin.
Which era is known for the introduction of farming?
Bronze Age
Iron Age
Stone Age
Gold Age
Farming was introduced in the Stone Age, which drastically revolutionised the lifestyle of people.
What largely ended the Bronze Age, leading to the Iron Age?
Discovery of iron
A massive flood
An alien invasion
A plague
The discovery and widespread use of iron ended the Bronze Age, thus leading to the start of the Iron Age.
What is a Bronze Age barrow?
A type of wheelbarrow
A method of farming
A form of house
A burial mound
A barrow, during the Bronze Age, is a burial mound where important people were often buried with their belongings.
What are Bronze Age 'roundhouses'?
Houses built in a circular shape
Houses built on hills
Houses with round windows
Houses made entirely of bronze
Roundhouses were a type of dwelling popular in the Bronze Age, named so due to their distinctive circular shape.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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