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Victorian Inventions
A penny-farthing was a bicycle with one large wheel and one small wheel.

Victorian Inventions

One of the subjects studied in KS2 history is the Victorian era and this is the second of two quizzes on the topic. Specifically it looks some of the Victorian inventions, many of which are still in use today, that improved peoples lives.

The Victorians were great inventors and some of the things they invented we still use today. It was a time of great advances in science and technology. One of the most important developments during the Victorian era was the improvement of communication links, such as stagecoaches, canals, steam ships and railways, not to mention the stamp, the telegraph and the telephone. But there were many more inventions of the time, such as the motor car, the vacuum cleaner and the flushing toilet.

Take this quiz to test what you know about Victorian inventions and to discover which of them are still in use today.

Who invented the photograph?
William Henry Fox Talbot
George Stephenson
Rowland Hill
Elias Howe
Fox Talbot was also an archaeologist who spent much of his time studying Ancient Mesopotamia
What was the name of the first postage stamp?
The Penny Red
The Two penny Red
The Penny Black
The Two penny black
It was named this as the stamp cost 1 penny and was black
What was the name of Stephenson’s engine that won a prize?
Stephenson had invented the first steam engine that later developed into the steam train
Where was the Great Exhibition held?
Crystal Palace
Kew Palace
Alexandra Palace
Buckingham Palace
Crystal Palace burnt down in the 1930s but lives on in the name of the South London based football team
What was the name of the bicycle with one large wheel and one small wheel?
Shilling Halfpenny
Bone shaker
Big and Little
It was so named because the large wheel and small wheel resembled a penny coin and the smaller farthing coin
Which of these was NOT built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel?
Crystal Palace
Great Western Railway
Clifton Suspension Bridge
SS Great Britain
Isambard Kingdom Brunel revolutionised transport in Britain by building railways, bridges and ships
Who invented the postage stamp?
Hubert Booth
George Stephenson
Rowland Hill
Elias Howe
Before postage stamps were invented the people receiving letters had to pay before they were handed over
What did Alexander Graham Bell invent?
The television
The steam train
The telegraph
The telephone
Bell was a Scotsman who also invented the metal detector
What did Samuel Morse invent?
Morse code
Inspector Morse
The telegraph
The telephone
Morse also developed the telegraph in America but it was already in use in Europe
What was held in 1851 to celebrate new inventions?
The Great Inventions Show
Festival of Empire
The Great Exhibition
Invention Festival
The Great Exhibition's full title was The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of all Nations


Author:  Amanda Swift

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