Children in Victorian Times
A rocking horse was a popular toy in wealthy Victorian families. .

Children in Victorian Times

Children will be taught about what life was like in Britain for children at different times in history as part of their KS2 history studies.. This is the second of two quizzes on this topic and it looks specifically at everyday life for Victorian children in the 1800s.

Everyday life for Victorian children was much different than it is today. Being young in the 1800s was very tough, especially for those who were poor. Many early Victorian children had to work and did not go to school. In 1840 only around 20 percent of the children in London had any schooling at all. Later in the 1800s the amount of work children could do was restricted and eventually all children were sent to school.

Take this quiz and find out what you know about everyday life for children living in the Victorian era.

In which year did the law pass that made all children go to school?
After 1870 children between the ages of 5 and 13 had to go to school
Which of these was NOT a Victorian toy?
Train set
Doll’s house
Rocking horse
Only rich children were able to buy toys
Who campaigned to stop children working?
Queen Victoria
William Gladstone
Lord Shaftesbury
Florence Nightingale
Lord Shaftesbury managed to get the number of hours children worked reduced
How did the new laws help working children?
Stopped them working in mines and factories
Allowed them more toys
They got paid more money
They were allowed to go to parties
Minimum ages were put in place for some of the most dangerous jobs
What did children learn to write on?
Slates were a cheap alternative to paper as they could be used again and again
What would the teacher hit a child with if they misbehaved?
Dunce's cap
The cane was only banned in all UK schools in 2003!
Which of these jobs were done by Victorian Children?
Trapper in a coal mine
Chimney sweep
Factory worker
All of these
Many children started work when they were 5, the age children start going to school today
Where did most poor children play?
In the park
In nurseries
In the street
In playgrounds
Early Victorian children did not play much as they had to work long hours
Who taught rich children at home?
A governess was not like the other servants in a household as she had an education. Because of this she usually ate separately from the other servants
Why were factories dangerous to work in?
Dangerous chemicals
The machines had no safety guards
The risk of explosions
The risk of flooding
Many children lost limbs or were killed by the machines


Author:  Amanda Swift

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