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Viking Explorers
Viking ships were called longships.

Viking Explorers

The Viking, or Norse, culture is one of the main topics in KS2 history. This is the first of four quizzes on the subject and it concentrates on the Norse explorers - some of whom were traders and others pirates.

The Vikings had explored more of the world than anyone else of their era. Viking explorers were Norse warriors, traders and pirates who raided, explored, traded and settled in wide areas of Europe including Great Britain and Ireland. The Vikings came from Norway, Sweden and Denmark and were great sailors. Unlike most people of the time they were able to navigate by the stars and so cross great oceans. They travelled as far as North America, Africa and the Near East, and colonised Iceland and Greenland. All Vikings were required to own weapons as well as permitted to carry them all the time.

Take this quiz to see how much you know about Viking explorers, traders and pirates.

How did Vikings navigate?
With a compass
They used the sun and stars
With a sundial
They used sonar
As well as using the sun and stars, Vikings found their way by following the coasts or looking for landmarks like islands or mountains
How far East did the Vikings travel?
The Vikings travelled all over Europe, and into Asia. They bought things like silk, spices and wine, and sold honey, wool, fur, and walrus ivory
Who first landed in North America?
Eric the Red
Leif Ericsson
Fred the Blue
Thorfinn Karlsefni
Leif was the son of Eric the Red. He discovered America 500 years before Christopher Columbus
What was the name of the Viking ships?
Longships were the best ships in the world at the time. They were used by the Vikings for troop transports rather than for fighting
How were Viking ships powered?
Sails only
Oars only
Sails and oars
When the wind dropped the men would row the ship
Who found Greenland?
Eric the Red
Leif Ericsson
Fred the Blue
Thorfinn Karlsefni
Eric got his nickname from the colour of his hair and beard
Why did the Vikings leave their North American settlement?
It was too cold
There was no farming land
Fights with Indians
They were homesick
The Vikings returned to North America to trade and to gather timber but they stopped living there
How many men could a Viking ship hold?
There were different sized longships but the biggest could carry around 80 men
When did the Vikings settle in Iceland?
In the late 400s
In the late 600s
In the late 800s
In the late 1000s
Before the Vikings arrived nobody lived in Iceland
Why did the Vikings roam?
To trade with other countries
To find new land to settle
To raid and steal gold and silver
All of these
The land in Scandinavia - where Vikings came from - was difficult to farm so they looked for other ways to survive
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Viking traders and explorers

Author:  Amanda Swift

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